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An extra-extra long weekend

Now where was I? Ha.

Well my extra long weekend turned into an extra-extra long weekend. I was off Tuesday due to tummy problems. Really I just ate a LOT of crap on the weekend and it caught up with me Monday night. Plus the fact that I was up really really late cause I couldnít sleep due to said tummy difficulties and the fact that my body resisted going to sleep at a normal hour. So when Tuesday morning broke I made 2 calls Ė one to the boss to call in sick and one to the boy to let him know that I wouldnít be at work.

Now as for my long weekend. It was pretty good. We were flying by the seat of our pants for most of it so all in all it didnít turn out half bad. On Friday while Keith slept I donned my bathing suit, grabbed my towel and a book and headed to a local outdoor pool. I paid the exorbitant charge of $4 and laid in the sun and swam for 2 hours. It was bliss. One of my favourite things in the whole wide world to do is to lay in the sun, read and when I get too hot take a dip in a body of water. It doesnít get much better than that. Well maybe throw in a strawberry dacquiri or two.

Saturday I let Keith sleep for a couple of hours then we headed East to Oshawa to help my big brother and his family move to their mansion of a house. Seriously this house is big. We got there after most of the moving was done but we helped a bit. I think my family just liked having us there all together.

On Sunday Keith, my younger brother and his fiance and myself went to Canadaís Wonderland. I told my brother we were going and he asked if they could join us. It was fun but busy Ė extremely. I will downplay the fact that my boyfriend had us all convinced that it wouldnít be that busy cause all the parents would be getting their kids ready for school. Far far from the case.

After an extremely long day we headed back to Kitchener and then crashed into bed to tired to even think. Monday was our rest day. We didnít leave the apartment till around 5 when we went to Mortyís for wings (the cause of the tummy problems fyi). We considered doing something but after a full belly Keith was tired and needed a nap to rest up for work that night. I ended up watching tv and continued my project of clean sweeping my living room. Itís slow Ė I donít have a crew of people to help me.

I came back to work yesterday and was bowled over by work. Things are getting crazier but Iím trying not to let it get to me.

Near the end of the work day, T called and wanted to shop after work. I told her I was too tired and declined. Then I find out that her and her guy are going through some tough times. Women! So of course I told her that we would go shopping. I emailed Keith filled him in on the situation then met up with T after work. Iím really hoping that they get things worked out. T being single is a very scary prospect plus as much as she plays tough I know that sheíd be devastated if they called it quits. So we went shopping for a new purse for her and I ended up buying a new sweater (it is SO soft and comfy) and a cheap little cute ring set. Of course I wasnít supposed to be spending money so that was the funny part. By the time we parted and I met up with Keith I was starving. Dinner ended up being a smorgasbord including a shrimp ring. Good eatinís.

Now that catches us up to today. For the first time in 2 weeks I drove to work. Yup the rain that was falling down and the forecast of more prompted me to take advantage of the empty parking spot that has tempted me for weeks now. Plus this way Iím forced to go to the gymÖ.really I am. Sigh. Itís the end of the day and Iím tired but Iím gonna go Ė my butt says I have to!

4:29 p.m. - 2004-09-09


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