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A jam packed weekend

Don't you hate when you're busy but because you're doing "work" you're bored? Seems kinda unfair. I just finished yet another coverage schedule for Monday, which again is unfair - there's always someone off. Luckily, I'm not one to whine. Pass the cheese please.

I'm running away and joining the circus tomorrow. Okay, actually I'm just going to see the circus - no running or joining involved. It's the stupid policeman's fault. They call you up and pretty much badger you into buying tickets. Okay maybe not badger but who can really say no to a cop? I'm scared they'd look me up in the system and then proceed to pull my car over every chance they got cause I didn't buy a $13 ticket to see the circus. I bought two.

Also tomorrow we're gonna go eat some more Greek food (food festival). This will be our second this summer. My boy loves Greek what can I say?

Actually Keith made an astute comment the other day when he said that it seems the majority of our 'planned outings' are food related. It's true. I guess that's why trying to lose weight is damn hard. Hmm.

Back to tomorrow's plan, I also have 'dog sitting' on my agenda. T is in a wedding and the festivities start at like 8 in the morning and finish somewhere around midnight. So she asked me to check on her pooch a couple of times and take him for a walk. I'm nothing if not a good friend.

And just because tomorrow doesn't seem busy enough I was hoping to go and get my car drive clean tested. I'm dreading it and I'm praying that all goes well. With 5 days away to my birthday I don't really have the time to dick around with costly repairs. *crossing all available toes and fingers

Miraculously I made it to the gym after work yesterday. I was so close to driving by and continuing to Keith's but I forced myself to pull into the lot and drag my sorry behind inside. I, as usual, felt good once I got working out. The heart rate monitor wasn't even high which makes me think it wasn't working right. That or I was very unstressed yesterday. I even managed to pull in some hot tub time. Just like last time there was another person already in the tub who wanted to make chit chat with me. I just wanted to lay back and close my eyes but I'm not that rude. Afterwards I threw out my bathing suit. Don't worry it wasn't because I was all disgusted with the whole talking to another person thing. My bathing suit is so old that it has lost all elasticity and pretty much floats 'around' me when I'm in the water. The whole reason for wearing it is moot. I have a few others so I won't be going nekkid anytime soon.

I'm attempting to go to the gym yet again after work today. I went so far as to pack my gym bag this morning, I *ahem* drove again this morning. It's Friday. That was good enough reason for me. Now all I have to do is get my motivation level up and I may actually succeed.

Wait! I got it! My motivation……


Yup that did it.

4:31 p.m. - 2004-09-10


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