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Oktoberfest is cursed (for me)

I’m starting to wonder if maybe Oktoberfest is cursed for me. Really I am. It seems every year there seems to be some sort of ‘drama’ that has to surround the event. Last year we didn’t have enough tickets so C offered to not go – after we had all arrived at the hall. Pretty upsetting. Now this year S is withdrawing – after the tickets have been bought and not just for the 2 of them – but the 4 tickets she purchased in total. It looks like she’s leaving me to hang. It’s not looking promising. She responded to my first email that I sent her on Friday – the one that said I wasn’t going to respond till I thought about it some more cause I was upset. Basically she said that I should go ahead and ‘sell’ her 4 tickets. Ummmm, yah I will if I can BUT she totally didn’t address what will happen if the tickets aren’t sold. And? And I’m supposed to go to her place this weekend. It doesn’t look promising.

I spent a lot of the weekend bitching about her and what she’s done. I even went so far as to tell my mom about the crap S is pulling. You see, I tend to keep the bad things that happen in my life from my mom, but I’m sick of just showing the good stuff. I told her about the stunt S pulled a few years back when I invited our mutual friend (who she was mad at but nobody knew) and she upset me so much by sending me a vile email that if I actually let myself think about and dwell on I would become very upset. You do not treat friends that way.

And this? This is the crux of the matter for me. Friends shouldn’t treat friends like this. I’m always giving her the benefit of the doubt and I’m always letting our history stop me from saying what I want to say (knowing that it would have the potential to ruin our friendship completely). Basically it boils down to the fact that the stunt she pulled has hurt me – a lot. She knows the trouble that goes into planning this stuff, she knows what she’s doing is not just inconvenient but is wrong. But she’ll justify herself! She’ll justify it to herself and anyone who will listen and in her mind it will be right. In her mind she’s doing no wrong. I’m sick of it. That’s all I can say about it right now. Cause unfortunately if I let myself dwell on it, it really does cause me stomach problems. I’m that upset about it.

So I went to my massage therapist on Friday and wow were my muscles in major protest mood. It was basically my lower back (where all tension goes) and my shoulder blades – mostly my left. At one point the MT was actually using her arms to get the knots out. She said it’s the worst my back has been. But I left there feeling SO much better. The next day however the shoulder muscles were screaming – a tad tender. But dinner with C and T Friday night was amazing – I got some great gifts and had some great food. I got to Keith’s around 9 and we headed over to Walmart. I ended up buying some rechargeable batteries and a wack of other stuff that I needed – never a cheap trip to that place.

On Saturday we hit the road around 1 or so to go see my parents. We got there and there was nobody home. We spend about 45 minutes just sitting around and chatting – it was actually quite nice. I like moments like that. Overall we had a pretty good weekend. We left later than normal and got stuck in traffic so we didn’t get home till almost 6:30. My man was a bit upset with me cause when we went to lay down around 9:30 I followed him and laid down too. Normally I get up after a few minutes but last night I was tired so I stayed in bed. He ended up not sleeping and getting up early to walk to work since he thought I wouldn’t drive him cause I was sleeping. I’m sure he’s sleeping well this morning. At least I hope so! If not I gotta be prepared for one cranky monkey after work.

I’m eating an apple right now – without the candy covering it, it just doesn’t taste the same.

4:22 p.m. - 2004-09-20


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