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Mission Status: Stalled (already)

I was energized for a brief period of time. I went shopping. At Shopper's Drug Mart. I spent $39. I saved about $25. Every item I bought was on sale. Go me.

I also went shopping yesterday at lunch - but - hear me out - yesterday's shopping was Christmas related. You read right - Christmas! I bought 3 Christmas presents - that's 4 people taken care of. Only 16 more to do! Oh well at least I started right? Keith and I are also thinking about getting my parents a dvd player but I'm emailing my siblings to make sure a) they don't already have this idea and b) give them a heads up so they can get my parents dvd's for Christmas. My thoughtfulness overwhelms me sometimes.

So my dental appointment went well yesterday afternoon. I just love leaving work early. And getting a chance to use some of my 2-personal-days a year time is pretty sweet. My teeth were excellent according to the hygienist who does all the work. She only scraped and made my gums bleed for a short period of time. I have a spot where my gums are receding and exposing a spot above one of my back teeth. They put some kind of sticky stuff on it which is supposed to help. I'll keep you posted.

I've also been upgraded to a 9 month visit from a 6 month. They kept teasing me with it every time I visited but this time it was true. To celebrate I didn't floss my teeth last night (kidding!).

I think I may have to drive either tomorrow or Friday. I keep shopping but I don't carry my stuff home cause it's too much of a hassle. Yup a drive to work is in order. Woo.

So last night's mission to clean my apartment stalled. We worked on my shoe rack for over an hour and only managed to get one of the 5 shelves in. It boiled down to not having the right tools for the job. Keith may try and work on it some today but he's got other plans. He has to make cabbage rolls. Don't ask. He saw this huge head of cabbage and just had to buy it. So last night we bought the rest of the ingredients and he's gonna be a busy boy today. He wants to have them for dinner tomorrow night - Survivor night.

*I just cut my apple up into small pieces with a sharp knife and I'm proud to say no new cuts have been added to my damaged hands. Thank you*

Did I mention that I got a little giddy today when I was on D-Land and went to my profile and gave into the urge to see who listed me as a favourite? You see I used to click on there frequently and there was never any new people - not like I expected it but you know, it's kind of nice if there was. Well today there was like 2 new people who had added me. I got a wee bit nervous about how happy this made me. Seriously. Apparently I'm an attention whore!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my boss. We're to discuss my 'Performance Development Plan'. My company came up with this great idea for every employee to come up with a plan and then go over it with their manager and then work on it and blah blah blah. I'm less than thrilled. Really I just want to go in there and bitch about how much work they give us with little or no training. Develop that! So I must get my anger out tonight cause Iím having visions of swearing at my boss or walking out on her. Either way it wouldn't be good. Calm blue ocean.

Speaking of which! I've been saving money - birthday money, money I get reimbursed for chiro and massage etc. I'm saving up to buy the painting I really really like (it's my happy place!). It's about $300 and huge. Keith isn't too thrilled since he says when we combine our places into just his (some day!) there won't be room for it. But I argue that if he moves his weapons around on his walls there will be enough room. I win. Well I will if I they still have the painting by the time I save up all the money. Why can't I just win a million and be done with it?

Why indeed?

4:26 p.m. - 2004-09-29


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