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I wrote an entry yesterday Ė but forgot to post. Oops. I canít be bothered to look it up and rehash it (yah Iím lazy today). But címon I was up half an hour earlier than usual. Yup, today is the official beginning of my new hours 8:00 Ė 4:48. Which means that I get every second Friday off. But due to a glitch in the schedule I canít take my original day off on the 15th cause we have too many people off so Iíll be taking it on the 8th which means that I get an extra long weekend with the holiday Monday for Thanksgiving. Iím not complaining!

This morning I again cheated and drove to work. My only excuse is itís Friday. Slack day. I even drove to Tim Hortonís and got a morning coffee and Iíll be buying my lunch today Ė it feels good to be bad. Not so good for the bank account but what can you do? At least Iím not one of those people who buy my lunch every day.

My other motivation for driving to work was so that Keith and I could go to Home Depot after work and buy me some shelving! We finished my shoe rack on Wednesday but couldnít bring it to my house till last night (it wouldnít fit in my car). T helped us out by driving it over to my place in her truck after Survivor. Then Keith carried the beast up to my apartment. The thing is heavy. But it fits oh so many pairs of shoes on it - sweet!

I am so sore from boxercise last night - it's great! I love that class. Seriously. If I could do that every other day (cause you know I need a day in between to recuperate) then I would be getting in some serious shape. I love punching the air - a lot.

This morning I was trying to email Keith but since I was on another computer I had to fart around to get his email address up. By the time I got it up and was ready to type the email I forgot what I was going to write him about. I still haven't remembered. Let's hope it wasn't that important.

Well I got a billion booklets to photocopy and then put together in some kind of package all by the end of today. At least I won't be bored!

Here's to a non-rainy weekend (a girl can dream).

My secret of the day: Sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep but sleep won't come I will daydream about stuff. A few of the things I daydream about are 1) how I will get engaged - I come up with tons of scenarios and 2) finding an outfit that looks great on me (usually in these daydreams I have lost some weight which helps the outfit look even more stylin' on me. I normally go with daydream number two, cause let's face it, daydreaming about number one too much just isn't healthy.

Not sure why I shared that, but there ya go.

Now I must pop a piece of gum in my mouth to disguise the lovely taste of onions (from my sub) and go photocopy and collate!

Happy October.

2:03 p.m. - 2004-10-01


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