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Letting it ride on echinacea

I don’t want to be too hopeful cause I did only take 2 doses of Echinacea – one last night and one this morning but I’m remaining cautiously optimistic. Yesterday I started to get that ‘feeling’ in my throat – the one that tells me I’m at the beginning of a cold. Then last night my throat got sore. This morning I should have awoken with the sinus pain and pressure that always follows the sore throat. But (knock on wood) so far so good. My throat is a little sore but nothing like last night. I’ve also been drinking tons of orange juice and taking vitamins (crossing all my fingers and toes). The last thing I need is to get sick for Thanksgiving.

So obviously last night I was feeling less than energetic. After doing a little more ‘clutter cleaning’ I made a phone call to Bell to figure out why I’m getting invoices for a cell phone that I dis-activated in August. Turns out that Bell is going through a major system change and they are having problems with their invoices. They said the problem should be fixed in November. We’ll see.

Last night turned out being more productive than I thought it would be. I headed over to Keith’s who had dinner started. After dinner (bbq’d sausages!) we headed out to do some grocery shopping. After that I bought some expensive gas which unfortunately is cheap these days 81.8 (eek) and then we headed back to my place. I finally phoned my parents and confirmed plans for this weekend. On Saturday we’re having dinner with Keith’s family then Sunday we’re heading to my parents, having a small family dinner that night and then on Monday we’ll have the big family one at Ickabod. I really gotta remember to pack my digital camera cause I’m gonna take a crap load of pictures of that place. The kleenex is already packed! While I was on the phone Keith was busy putting up another shelf – this time a small one above my stove for spices etc. Slowly but surely we’re getting my place in shape. I’m hoping this Friday I can do some of the heavier things – like carrying down stuff to my basement – usually when I get home from work that’s the last thing I feel like doing. Again I’m crossing the fingers!

Today a co-worker (who’s not on my team) asked me what I was doing for lunch next Tuesday. She then asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her…….and my boss. Yah I didn’t see that one coming. I’m committed to going but things change fast around here so we’ll see if it actually happens. But that would be weird. An interesting trio.

Well I have to decide what I’m doing tonight. Soon. I’m thinking of the gym but haven’t quite convinced myself to go. Keith is making a pot roast tonight for dinner so I’m focused on that – sad but true. I am so looking forward to turkey this weekend. Mmmm turkey.

4:51 p.m. - 2004-10-05


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