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Of music and shopping sprees

9:15 The music is what keeps me sane. That sentence just popped into my head. Iím at phones all day (again) this time Iím solo as the girl who sits next to me is in training for the day. I sat at the desk for about half an hour all the while resisting the urge to put my head on the desk until I finally picked up the phone and called Tís mom out to help me find some music on the net and play it. I now have music. Praise the Almighty.

11:15 The music just stopped. I panicked a moment but finally got the music back up and running. That was a close call.

So now that that little drama is over with Iíll talk about my night. Weíll start with how I ruined dinner. Oh not by making it but by starting an argument just before it was ready. In my defense, I didnít realize I was doing this. I was on Keithís computer looking at my bank account and sending a nasty email to my bank (yet again) afterwards I went into his file (bad mistake). I got a hold of the nasty pictures in that folder. I mean it wasnít like he was hiding them. I knew he had them so that wasnít the issue. I just thought one of the girls looked gross and I pointed it out to him and was looking for him to agree with me. Of course he then accuses me of snooping and got mad at me. Half an hour later we had talked it out. Then we had our cold dinner. Although the dinner was still pretty darn good.

After that, we went on our shopping spree. It wasnít supposed to be a shopping spree. We were going looking at phones for me. We went to Canadian Tire first and decided to go look at Future Shop. But while we were at CT I bought a board game that is like Monopoly but called Kitchener Waterloo Ė how cool is that?! I also bought a nice wooden rack with hooks on it Ė Keith put it up behind my door (that guy is so handy) - $59. At Future Shop I found a set of phones that I like (it comes with 2 cordless phones and one answering machine) after some issues with the pricing (we looked at the wrong price and thought it was cheaper) I ended up getting it Ė at $149. After that we went to Home Sense and looked around. Thankfully the place was only open for another 10 minutes or it could have been bad. As it was we bought 4 wine glasses that were gorgeous - $20. Luckily no more stores were open so we headed back to my place. End of shopping spree - whew.

Going to sleep was pure torture last night as for some odd reason I wasnít tired but my lower back was killing me. I ended up taking 3 pills of something and 2 of my echinacea pills that are still holding off the worse of my cold. Iím still trying to decide if this is good or bad. I donít know if Iím delaying the inevitable or if Iím actually fighting the cold off. Time will tell I guess. I just donít want to get the worst of my cold this weekend. Everyone at work is now walking around talking about sore throats and not feeling well. Iím telling them to try echinacea but I donít think theyíll listen. Iím just afraid theyíll all get the cold and then call in sick on Friday Ė in which case my boss has the right to call me in (one of our agreements with our flex days) BUT if I donít answer my phone Ė then I canít get called in. Thatís all Iím saying.

Today I wrote an email that Iím thinking of sending to our department head. It states the many reasons why I think certain rules they have put in place for answering phones are stupid. Phones arenít my full time job but these rules still piss me off enough to make me write up an email. I figure Iíll send it anonymously Ė I havenít quite figured out if Iíll go through with it or not.

Just for the record, sitting on your chair backwards is not a good thing. Especially when you rest your head against the back of the chair and it begins to feel a little too comfy and your eyes begin to close just a little too muchÖ.nope not a good thing at all.

4:16 p.m. - 2004-10-06


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