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Life can be unfair sometimes....

The eyes are tired. I was book learnin' this afternoon. By choice even. I had some spare time (the rotation I'm on is kinda slow) so I actually took this opportunity to do work things. The boss would be proud.

I'm a little out of sorts. I spoke to my parents earlier. They're gonna be coming my way tomorrow for a funeral and they want to take me out to lunch beforehand. While I was planning this with my mom she mentioned that the little boy (he's 5) my brother and sister in law have been looking after (he's related to her side of the family) is going to be going to some sort of care facility this Friday. He's just become too much for them to look after. I know why they're doing it and I agree with their decision but my heart still goes out to him. He never asked to be put into a situation like this. He was born into it - to irresponsible parents. It makes me wish there was some laws about who can be parents and who can't. A heartbreaking part is he's been looking forward to Halloween so much and now it will be taken away. Maybe the facility will do something but it won't be the same. A deep sigh. Life is certainly unfair sometimes.

I'm going swimming tonight. I think. T has yet to email me to confirm this but she's been gunning for it since last week so I'm assuming it's a go ahead. I need the swirlpool more than anything. I'm not used to exercising on such a regular basis. But I must admit besides the aches and pains I do feel better for it. It helps that all my exercise isn't 'gym' oriented. Variety is key.

Last night went really well. I went to the gym and was famished by the time I left. In fact I had to cut my weight workout short as I started to get that weak feeling I get sometimes. I don't why I get it but it's not a hunger feeling - it's almost a lightheadedness along with shaky hands. I wish I knew what caused it. Anyway, once I ate a quick yogurt bar and cleaned myself up and made it over to Keith's he had dinner all prepared. He also took that time to tell me that he did kiss me goodbye the night before but I was dead to the world sleeping (obviously he had been reading my diary). That made me feel better - not the diary part but you know the kissing part. After dinner we headed over to my place, watched a movie, Vanhelsing or something like that (not too bad but definitely more up his alley than mine), then went to bed where he more than made up for leaving me hanging the night before - no more frustration for this girl.

I still haven't heard from S either regarding this weekend's halloween party. Not sure what's up with that but I guess I'll sit tight and then give her a call if I don't hear from her by Friday. Which by the way is my day off. Sweet!

Well it's quitting time for the regular joe's which means I have 18 minutes to go. It should take me that long to put my desk into a neat order again. I like coming into a neat desk in the mornings. It starts the day off better. But tomorrow is my Friday so that will put a spring in my step as it is. Woo.

4:47 p.m. - 2004-10-27


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