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Dizzy girl...not ditzy!

Have you ever woken up from only a couple hours sleep and when you turn over your head feels all fuzzy? I did that this morning. The only thing is I didn't sleep only a few hours. Probably about 7.5. But it was very bizarre. Then when I got up to go to the shower I was actually dizzy. As in grasping things to prevent myself from taking a tumble. I'm 30 not 80. It was all very troubling. To make matters worse I still don't feel all that great. Just bending over to take off my shoes or fill my water bottle makes the dizzy feeling come back. I hope it goes away really soon.

The thought of calling in sick did cross my mind, I won't lie to you, but today is going to be a busy day so I nixed that idea. First off I have a lunch date with my parents, then after work I'm heading over to Keith's to take him to his chiro appointment, pick up some supplies for dinner, go to boxercise class, come back to Keith's have, dinner, watch Survivor and carve pumpkins! Whew. Being sick (or dizzy as the case may be) just doesn't factor into today's plans.

Last night we made it to swimming for the first time in months. I brought goggles that I had found in the summer. They were super cool. They weren't the best but I just thought it was cool to be able to see under water. I never open my eyes in chlorinated water, my eyes hurt enough without doing that! They did come in handy though when Keith's watch fell off and slid all the way the deepest part of the pool. We eventually ended up retrieving it - with the help from my super goggles I might add. While I was swimming I thought about how cool it would be to have flippers. I wonder if you're allowed to bring them into the swimming area? You glide through the water so fast in those suckers! Of course getting out to go down the slide would be a bitch.

At break I ran to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up some more pumpkin carvers (everything's 75% off so they were dirt cheap). I also bought some pepto bismol pills (besides the dizziness, I'm having some other side effects that are not so pleasant to have - especially at work). I don't know if it's wishful thinking but I am feeling somewhat better. Go drugs!

C sent me and T an email yesterday, thanking us for trying to cheer her up on Monday. Then she dropped a bombshell about how an ex left her his sperm. I have yet to respond. It's my petty way of showing my displeasure with her. I'm not going to let her bad mouth my boyfriend and then act like everything's fine. It's my passive aggressive way of getting back at her. Whatever works.

Nope dizziness is still there. Damn. I better be okay for boxercise, cause I kind of need a sense of balance in that class. What with the kicking and all.

All morning I have been learning excel on the internet. I had self taught myself so I knew a few things but now I'm learning everything that goes along with it. It's part of my 'performance plan' for work. Getting those gold stars for work. Plus if I wasn't doing this I would be bored out of my skull.

Still no word from S. Would be nice to know if everything's still on for the weekend….that's all I'm saying. I would like to get some more props for my nurse costume, like a stethoscope. We do have a nurse here at work that I could ask to borrow hers from but since I'll be drinking and whatnot I feel a little uneasy asking her. Knowing my luck I'd lose it. Ah well, I still have my fake bag of blood that I bought at Walmart. That's pretty cool. I'm trying to talk the security guard into giving me one of his face masks that he has at his desk but he's pretty uptight about those kind of things.

Well I've delayed as long as I can - back to Excel.

4:43 p.m. - 2004-10-28


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