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Costumes and compliments

I blinkedÖ..and now itís November. At least thatís how it feels.

Christmas is looming pretty close. But letís not think about that yet. So this past weekend went pretty good. I had Friday off which was excellent. I slept in (slept for 12 solid hours thank you very much). I guess I was tired. I did manage to make it to the gym Ė 5 days in a row of working out Ė woo! I even made it to the gym on Saturday Ė thatís 6 days! No wonder my body feels like itís been hit by some kind of large vehicle. Keith says heís going to start going to the gym this week cause heís been eating halloween candy like itís going out of style and apparently has gained 10 pounds. Of course, this is the guy, who can lose 5 by tomorrow so Iím not too concerned Ė jealous but not concerned. My weight is attached to me Ė literally. Once itís there it never wants to leave. Itís a battle that I will continue to fight. In fact after work I have an appointment at my gym with a personal trainer. Itís only for half an hour and sheíll probably try and sell me on having a personal trainer for 25 of those 30 minutes but itís free.

So Saturday we finished putting together Keithís costume. He needed a stick. We parked, got out of the car, walked 10 feet and found the perfect stick. Of course, it was a beautiful day and it would have been nice to take a walk but I figured if it had been pouring rain it would have taken us 2 hours to find the stick. I was kinda grumpy in the afternoon so while Keith worked on his costume I layed down and when I got up felt a lot better. I had only gotten 8 hours of sleep not 12 Ė that must have been it - heh.

We zoomed into Toronto and met up with S and a couple other friends. We had a few drinks and then headed to a house/halloween party. The night was pretty fun. We left around 1:30 and got home at 2. We took the streetcar and got to see all the costumes people were wearing as they left the bars. Sunday morning came way too early and we hit the road since S had to work. Once back in KW we headed over to National Sports and found out they have a mega sale coming up on November 5. But I did buy this huge waterbottle that looks like a watercooler. It is so cute. It holds 2 litres which I filled and drank last night. Good pee times. We also went to the wholesale food place next door. Itís like a Costco but free. We went to look and both walked out spending about $40 each. Curse those super size foods!

So this morning I got an email from my ex in Halifax. Weíve been emailing back and forth a bit more than usual since heís going through some schooling right now and I guess has more time on his hands. Anyway in his most recent email he made a comment about how my hair is one of my best features. It made me laugh Ė and smile. He never paid me a compliment while we dated. Ever. He never put me down or anything but he never went out of his way to say anything complimentary. To find out now that he liked my hair and thought it was one of my best features made me feel good. Even if it is after the fact it is nice to know. Huh Ė not once did her ever say anything about my hair. It boggles my mind. I guess itís just nice to hear something nice about yourselfÖ.even from an ex.

My lips are so chapped. I wish I could find a lipstick thatís a nice color, feels good on AND helps chapped lips. That would be so nice.

Well thatís about all for today.

4:27 p.m. - 2004-11-01


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