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Homemade food - mmmm

I've paid more attention to US politics than I have in my own country! Kinda sad if you think about it. Almost every journal that I read, mentioned that they're upset that Bush won - count me in. After watching the movie Fahrenheit 911 I can't believe people would voted for that nincompoop. Politics - fun stuff.

So not much has been happening this week. Work has been driving me bonkers as usual. We had a meeting with our boss this morning. I'm coming to accept that this is my job and to just do it and shut up. I'm only gonna fight for stuff when it's something that I am really gung ho about. Basically I'm choosing my battles.

I just put my boots back on. The boots from hell. You see sometimes it helps to dress like you actually work in an office. Plus I felt like cleaning myself up for the meeting this morning. Sometimes when you look good that comes across and helps you to be more confident. Or I'm blowing smoke out of my ass. Whatever. But apparently I don't 'dress up' very often cause I got a lot of comments today about how good I look. Besides the boots from hell that look awesome on me, I'm wearing my black tummy pants (sucks it all in) and my new brown sweater that I bought a month ago. It's a knit sweater so it can be a bit see-thru, I was a good girl and wore a black camisole underneath. No free shows from this girl - paying customers only.

My free half hour with a trainer on Monday night went pretty good. It actually turned into an hour. She had a lot of tips and even made up a weight program that I can follow when I go in. Plus I was only a little sore near the shoulder area the next day. Bonus. I ended up taking the night off on Tuesday from exercising. Keith and I did a little running around then he made us a nice home cooked meal of meatloaf, potatoes and veggies. We then watched the movie we rented (which Keith subsequently burned) The Day After Tomorrow (I think!). It was a really good movie. Quite suspenseful - which had me gripping Keith's hand for almost the whole last hour. I'm a sucker for suspense.

Last night we went swimming. During it Keith got a major leg cramp, I got to play lifeguard and help him get to the edge. Of course I suck at lifeguarding cause I could only swim beside him and give him a push every other stroke or so. But he lived to tell about it so that's the most important thing. I also learned that on Wednesday's we're gonna have to eat at an earlier time cause for the first half hour of swimming or so I was stuffed and feeling the effects of it.

This morning could have been a bad scene. As I was wrapped in my towel, brushing my teeth and walking around my apartment, who scares the living the crap out of me but Keith? I turned around and there he was on my bed. He had come in during my shower - at least he didn't scare me in the shower or else I could be nursing a broken hip - I startle easily. But he did make it up to me by putting together my lunch while I finished getting ready. I like it when he does that. He puts in little things like yogurt or vgo, or a tiny chocolate treat. It's sweet.

I drove him to his place and then continued on down the street to go to Tim's for a coffee and a muffin. It's good to treat yourself once in a while. Plus it's good to have a shot of caffeine first thing in the morning before you go into a meeting with the boss.

I have indigestion. Which is odd cause I rarely get it. Huh.

Tonight is Survivor. We're having homemade chili for dinner. I don't know which one I'm more excited about?

4:51 p.m. - 2004-11-04


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