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chocolate fondue time

So this whole aunt flo/pms thing has been totally screwing around with my 'love karma'. My boy has been in the mood non-stop for the last few days, and I, who am normally right on top of this kind of thing (no pun intended) have been all like 'meh I guess so'. Lord but I hate being a woman some days. I can't wait to get the mojo back!

Besides that not much is happening. I made it home in rush hour traffic in pretty good time. I got to Keith's and we were going to do some grocery shopping for dinner and tonight's dinner but we weren't really in the mood (I was still full from my chinese buffet lunch). So instead we headed over to my place, packed the swim gear, had some cheese and crackers and carrots to tide us over and then headed out. Oh yah I made a quick call to my brother to wish him a belated birthday.

Swimming was pretty good. Busy. We got T in for free. It was a fluke but she was happy. It turned out that it was a good thing we hadn't shopped yet as T offered to hold Survivor dinner at her place - a chocolate fondue! Of course I agreed! I'm gonna bring over an appetizer cause sometimes just having chocolate for dinner can make you feel a little funky.

After swimming Keith and I went to Sobey's and bought some fixin's for chicken wraps for a very late dinner. After our late dinner we watched some tv and then headed for bed, where when all was said and done (nudge nudge wink wink) Keith had a whole 10 minutes to nap before leaving for work. I was out like a light before he was gone more than 5 minutes. It drives me nuts, cause I wake up remembering these crazy dreams and an hour later I can't remember anything from them. If I was ambitious enough I would write them down cause they are pretty crazy - even for me. But I'm not.

So tonight after work I have my chiro appointment, then it's boxercise, then I'll pick up Keith and head over to T's.

My boss came to us today and asked if we had made up our 48 minutes from the Remembrance Holiday last week. Of course we hadn't. I think it works out to 6 extra minutes for the remaining 8 days. So being the instigator I am, I emailed her and asked if my 45 minutes (each way) travelling time yesterday to our other office would be taken into account? I mean she's already milked me out of $20 mileage money that should have been mine. I have yet to get a response.

I was thinking about actually going home for lunch but my kitchen is an utter disaster and I know I'd spend the hour cleaning. Plus I'm out of stuff so figuring out what to have for lunch would be too much of an effort. So instead I'm stuck trying to figure out what to buy. I think I've decided on a sub. There seems to be some weeks where I'm so on the ball and then there's weeks like this one in which every day is a struggle. So it goes I guess.

Well this has been a stellar entry. I think I'll end it here. Just because.

2:01 p.m. - 2004-11-18


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