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Sick -again!

This is just going to be a quick update cause I only have 10 minutes before I'm due back in training. I wasn't at work yesterday cause I spent pretty much the entire weekend in bed - and not in a good way. On Friday night I had a tickle in the throat which led to a sore throat on Saturday and then led to a head cold on Sunday. Oh joy.
My weekend didn't start off all that great since Keith and I had a 'misunderstanding' on Friday night. He was being thoughtless and I was being over dramatic. Not a good combo. But we worked through it and on Saturday night he ran over to the store before it closed and got me a couple of popsicles to sooth the throat. Since then he's also been making me non stop neo-citron's. He's a gem. He's also been bidding on engagement rings on e-bay. Not successfully - but still it's nice to know that he is.

I woke up yesterday feeling not too bad but decided not to push it and called in sick. I knew it would be a heavy work day so that's partly why I stayed home. By mid afternoon I was going stir crazy so I took a short drive to Zellers and bought me some pj's (New York!) and some underwear. I seem to be running out a lot lately. I can't seem to find a brand I like so I bought 2 different kinds. I'm hoping to find a brand that I love and that doesn't change and that doesn't disappear.

On the weekend my ex Rob called. He wanted my dad's number. He wants to speak to him about becoming a minister. Yah blew my mind too. Actually it didn't. He's talked about it before. But he talks about a lot of things. He's a talker not a doer. He has good intentions but he's a lost soul. I always feel kind of sad talking to him cause it seems he just can't find his niche in life. I feel sad for people that have no direction. I'm not sure if this is coming out right. I don't think I'm better than him or anything like that. I just feel bad that he's never happy with what he has. He's always searching for something more. I just wish him peace and happiness as hokey as that sounds. If being a minister is going to do that for him than I wish him the best of luck. I'm hoping that my dad can help him. Rob called again last night to ask if I spoke to my parents and told them he would be calling - I didn't. He said that my dad didn't even ask what he wanted but made an appointment to see him. I told him that my dad probably didn't want to get into it over the phone. That's the point of making an appointment. Especially if it's heavy stuff, you don't want to do it over the phone - face to face.

Yah so anyway I'm glad I dragged myself to work. The only reason I did was that I thought I was at reception plus I had an adrenaline rush getting out of bed. I was listening to the news and they were talking about a fire on my street - sure enough I look out and there's the firetruck and police cars. Exciting! It was only a shed fire but still it got the juices flowing. So I got to work only to find out that my training was moved up a day. Good times.
It's going pretty good so far. Just now I went to Shoppers to look around cause I wasn't hungry yet and I walked out $35 poorer - Christmas decorations. Shhhh don't tell Keith!
Well my time is up - back to the training!

12:54 p.m. - 2004-11-23


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