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Food, swimming and sleep

Iím still drinking the same coffee that I bought at 7:50 this morning. Thatís a record for me. But I didnít get to eat my breakfast (muffin) until 10 today so itís been a tad busy. But busy is good, it makes the day go faster. Especially since today is my Friday (I love saying that). Although things would be better if I didnít have all sorts of pains Ė literally. I have this pain in my chest that just wonít go away. I also have a pain in my neck, I think I must have slept funny. Of course the sleep that I did get sucked. For the life of me I just couldnít stay asleep, I kept waking up and ended up tossing and turning. Although I figure it probably had to do with the fact that I was a bad girl and had a chicken burger half an hour before bedtime. It was a long night last night.

It started when I got out of training and finally checked my voicemail at 4:30, I had a call from some guy who asked me to call him. Being the obliging person I am, I called him and it turned out to be Keithís boss. He asked if I could drop Keith off at his truck last night since itís at a garage and not within walking distance. He would have called Keith but didnít know what hours he slept and plus Iím the one with the Ďwheelsí. I agreed. As it turned out Keith didnít remember where the garage was Ė I had dropped him off there a long time ago and neither of us knew exactly where it was. But before that all went down, after an extremely cold walk home, I warmed up my thighs (thin pants) and then headed over the Tís for dinner and then swimming. She made me do a bazillion laps and with a cold it wasnít all that fun. But we did sit in the swirlpool for longer than normal. After swimming we parted ways and thatís when I headed over to Keithís. Before we went to pick up his truck we stopped at Central as I had to bring in food for work for a potluck. I ended up deciding to do a meat and cheese tray with crackers. After that we went on the hunt for his truck Ė we ended up making the same mistakes we did the first time Ė very funny. But we eventually found it. Keith ended up just bringing the truck to my place and parking it in the plaza parking lot across the street from my building since all the stores were closed. Then after that we went and got him food to eat since he hadnít eaten since 6am and of course, I had to eat something too (okay I didnít but I was peckish). Thus the crappy sleep. Whew.

But I did get a nice surprise and had my Thursday morning surprise visit from Keith. Itís funny itís when things go bad and his night runs long that he ends up at my place which is a bad thing for him Ė but itís a good thing for me! Especially this morning as he helped me get my tray ready and then went to the basement found my scraper for my car and then went out and scraped it off. It was bliss. Plus I just like the bonus of seeing him, it starts my day off right. I think I may have to marry this man so I can have that bonus every morning.

Not sure what is up for this weekend. I want to see the Santa Claus parade as I have never been to one in this area since I moved here. I always seem to be visiting my folks when they have it. But Keith is not too thrilled since itís at 10 in the morning and he wants to sleep. Bah for sleep! Weíre talking about Santa here! Maybe Iíll try and do some shopping tomorrow in hopes that the malls wonít be insanely busy. I doubt Iíll actually do this but itís nice to be ambitious.

My boss just stopped by a moment ago to make sure that I was okay. It seems that during an impromptu meeting yesterday she was saying something about Ďlow talk timeí (on the phones) and would look at me when she said it. As she was driving home she thought I might have taken offense at it and might be upset. I assured her that I wasnít as I knew she was joking. Sheís a little on edge these days and is watching her pís and qís.

5 minutes till lunch. A potluck. Mmmm. Good thing I also brought my appetite. Bon appetite.

12:01 p.m. - 2004-11-25


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