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Rambly - but I remembered to post!

Every day I seem to write an entry but never post. Doesn't make much sense does it? Let's see if I remember today shall we?

I forced myself to go out at lunch. Just to get out and get some fresh air. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to look around. Walked out 35 dollars poorer. That was some good fresh air. Most of the stuff I bought was x-mas stuff. Most not all.

I just had to wipe my desk down. For lunch I had some left over drum sticks from last night's dinner. They were covered in honey garlic sauce. Sticky but very tasty.

We didn't make it swimming last night. Nobody was really in the mood to go. Keith and I had dinner at his place then watched the Amazing Race that he recorded on Tuesday. It was a good night.

I've decided that I won't wear my contact lenses until I get the brows waxed. My glasses hide the worst of it but contacts are just begging for people to notice how bad your eyebrows are. I'm trying to locate the gift certificate I got for my birthday. I put it away when we cleaned my apartment for Oktoberfest. It's still MIA.

I'm starting to get a little stressed. It was inevitable. Every year I buy some presents pretty early and then I slack off until it gets really close to x-mas to finish the rest. And of course I can't wrap the presents - oh no I need to always compare and make sure I'm giving everyone the same amount of stuff. Plus the stupid money situation. I hate my bank for raising it's stupid limit. I could easily keep my account above $1000 but $1500 is just too challenging for me. When all is said and done if I did go under in the month I'd only be out about $20 service charges but I'm such a cheap woman that this is inconceivable for me. I did think about dipping into my picture fund, I have about $250 saved but I know if I did then it would take me much longer to replace itů..if I even did.

I also have all this other stuff running around in my head. I want to get my x-mas cards out, I want to clean my apartment (thoroughly!) and then decorate it for x-mas. I need to get my oil changed in my car. I need to get my car undercoated before the salt trucks come out in full force this year. I meant to touch up my car in the areas where dings have taken the paint from my car before it starts to rust. I need to start going back to the gym before I start hating myself even more (if that's possible). Looking at myself naked in the mirror just isn't an option anymore - it makes me want to cry and that is not exaggerating. Of course I pick the worst time of the year to hate my body and try to change it.

I'm super paranoid about my neck. It's still really tight when I tilt my head towards my right shoulder. It could probably do with another crack from the chiropractor but that's $20 a pop (pun intended). I'm trying to get Keith to give me neck rubs just to loosen the muscles but so far that's failing.

I dreamt about work last night. A lot. Even when I woke up and rolled over, I would immediately go back into dreaming about work. I should look in my dream book. Keith doesn't like that book cause all my dreams seem to indicate I want a baby. Duh. I could have told him that. That's probably what my work dream will mean also - haha.

Did I mention that last weekend while I was immobile thanks to my neck, on Friday I sat in front of the tv watching non stop Crossing Jordan episodes? They were doing an all day marathon. I don't even like the show that much but it just sucked me in. There's something about dead bodies that just makes a person unable to turn away from the tv.

I don't think I'll go to my boxercise class tonight which makes me sad. I can't risk being in constant pain all weekend. I'll give it some time to heal. Plus I forgot my chest strap (to my heart monitor) at T's last Thursday. At first she couldn't find it and I totally started panicking (the thing cost a lot of money) but I asked her to look again and it was found. Whew.

5:01 p.m. - 2004-12-02


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