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Pants me!

I'm kind of pissy right now. The fact that Iím eating raw carrot sticks probably doesn't help the matter. Give me some chocolate and the mood might improve.

Not sure why I'm pissy. I'm tired for one. But that's my own fault. I stupidly picked up a book last night when I climbed into bed. Most of the books I pick up these days fail to hold my attention but of course this one did. Sometime after 12:30 I forced myself to put it down. Which means I had a wonderful 6.5 hours sleep. Obviously not enough to function on. Work hasn't been so bad. A few people aren't in today but we're managing. I wore a sweater (due to the fact it's bloodly cold out) but since Iím covering for my co-workers I'm running all around which is not making me happy. Plus the fact that I hate the pants I have on today. A tad tight. The story of my life. If I hadn't been too lazy this weekend and actually did my laundry I wouldn't be in this situation. I can take that a step farther, if I hadn't been so lazy these past several months I would weigh less and be able to fit into all my other pants. Le sigh.

A co-worker getting out of doing a job pushed me over to the pissy side. The fact that my boss agreed and let her out of it nearly did me in. Normally I don't care about these things, in fact it doesn't even affect me but for some reason it pissed me off royally. Calm blue ocean.

My weekend wasn't too bad. Friday after work I managed to get some shopping done and also went and got my oil changed. I also got the chance to write out my x-mas cards (which I forgot at home this morning). Saturday Keith and I were up relatively early but we didn't get our butts in gear till the afternoon some time. We rented a couple of movies and then promptly went back home. Hermits. We watched Dodge Ball and then Keith headed to bed. I took the opportunity to decorate my place with my tons of x-mas stuff. Very festive.

Sunday morning Keith had to work for a few hours and got home about 8:30 am. I got up and then we watched the other movie, some martial art one with subtitles. I fell asleep for a few minutes during it so can tell how much I liked it. We did try and go down for a nap and I was successful for about half an hour but Keith wasn't. So we got up, showered and actually went out and did some running around. I bought another bra (black this time) for a whole lotta money. Then we went to Best Buy where I found a dvd of BNL for my brother. Then we drove to the other end of the city so I could buy another water bottle for a co-worker. We also ran next door and picked up a few groceries. Then we drove to Central where I went to pick up a x-mas gift for my secret santa at work and the cute candy jars I had picked out were all sold out. I was pissed! I ended up dropping Keith off so he could sleep and I continued on my shopping spree and went to Dollarama. While at the mall I noticed that Bridget Jones was playing and decided to go to the 6:45 show - by myself! So I got me a big bag of popcorn and some pop and me and the other 5 people in the theatre watched the movie. It wasn't that good though so I was pretty disappointed. Plus I couldn't stop staring at Rene Zelleweger's face and thinking how she didn't look good like that. Her body was fine but her face bugged me.


Okay so I just got back from my lunchtime shopping excursion. I bought 4 pairs of pants for $27! Of course I went there originally looking for a blue pair of pants and none of the 4 are blue. Go figure.

I'm getting the brows waxed after work. They've become my obsession. Especially when I get in my car and fix the rearview mirror I get fixated on my hairy eyebrows and how out of control they are. I may just wear my contacts tomorrow in celebration and of course one of my new pairs of pants! I guess I can hold off on doing laundry a little longer now!

4:52 p.m. - 2004-12-06


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