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Pain and Rain

It's raining. I went out at lunch without an umbrella? Did I forget mine? Why, yes I did. But I always have a back-up that I keep at the office. Why didn't I use it? Cause Iím the number one co-worker of all time. I loaned it out. I was only walking next door so I figured I'd survive. And I did!

I got the brows done - finally. Talk about pain. The hot wax feels nice and soothing as they rub it on you and then they lightly press down with some kind of material, gently patting it over the warm wax and then - yank - they rip that strip off something fierce. They always make a point of telling me how light my eyebrows are and how it's deceptive cause they're so thick - thus the mega pain. And after all that? My sweetie doesn't even notice. In fact, so he tells me, he never even noticed they needed to be done. All he noticed yesterday was that I was red around the brows after it was all done. Good thing I do this for me and not for him or else I could be a little upset. I'm not wearing contacts today. I was too lazy this morning to put them in. It's so much quicker to throw glasses on. Plus I drove again. All the talk of rain got to me plus Keith and I are going out after work (chiro and shopping). Looking at the non-stop rain I must say I'm happy with my choice.

I'm very pleased to report that I have mailed out the majority of my x-mas cards. Unlike last year, where I wrote them out, put postage on them and then misplaced them and totally forgot to mail them. I still have a couple to mail out as I'm waiting for confirmation of the addresses (one is my parents' - how wrong is that?). Don't worry I didn't call and ask for their address, I'm going through my brother.

Next week I'm back to regular hours 8:30 - 4:30. That will be weird. We have to stop our flex time for the rest of December due to stupid reasons that my boss came up with. At least that's how I see it. But an extra half hour of sleep in the morning is not going to hurt me.

Oh yah everyone's been commenting on my snazzy pants - one of the pair I bought yesterday. I must be stylin' - that or they're just happy to see me in different pants!

4:54 p.m. - 2004-12-07


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