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The reason for the season?

You know what I find funny? I'm sitting next to my co-worker with a 5 foot wall between us and we're emailing back and forth rather than talking out loud. That cracks me up. Cubicle life ya gotta love it!

I am in such a better mood than I was yesterday. Granted it was Monday but still the day wasn't going the best. Here's the start of an entry I wrote yesterday but never finished:

Here's just a few reasons why I shouldn't have come to work today:

1. My co-workers keep telling me I look tired. (I'm wearing my contacts so I don't have my glasses to hide behind - I guess the 6 hours sleep didn't do it for me.

2. The two times I tasted my chili while heating it up, I managed to drip some on my shirt.

3. I just dropped my bread on my lap - butter side down.

4. When I went to butter said bread, I found a dirty knife in my drawer (wtf?). That reminded me of my great uncle who used to put away dirty dishes to help my gram out (he was electrocuted as a child way back when they thought it would 'help' you so he was allowed to do things like that - I have no excuse.)

5. Oh yah, when I got to work this morning it was freezing - apparently the whole building was cold cause some water heater was not working or some such nonsense. I wore a t-shirt cause normally I sweat like a bastard at work in the winter. (At least I didn't have to refrigerate my lunch).

Yup, I think I should be home. I could have called in sick and went shopping with T. Damn me for being so contentious.


I thought it was best not to finish that entry. You're welcome.

So it's damn cold out outside. Minus 17 with the wind-chill. Good week to start walking eh? Actually it's not so bad, I'm a good bundler. Only my chin and my cheeks get cold. I need a chin cozy. Too bad I don't knit. Now why would I pick this week to start walking you ask? Well I got a call on Friday from one of my co-workers letting me know that our mutual co-worker has sublet the spot I was parking in. So it's officially hers. But really I donít' mind so much. This butt has to exercise and if it forces me to walk to work then all the better.

Our Christmas lunch on Thursday went okay. We left work at 2pm and went to the Metro. It's a small little German place and the food is amazing. We did our secret Santa and everyone got wonderful gifts. Except me of course. Iím cursed. I'm not doing too well in the gift receiving department this year. What did I get? I got a bottle of Kahlua - HOMEMADE. Yah. I was impressed too. I don't even like Kahlua. Everyone is opening these wonderful, thoughtful gifts and then there was me. I swear I nearly cried. I am a tad emotional due to Aunt Flo's impending visit so it's not like I was a crybaby. I just hate when I get shitty gifts but have to act like it's the best thing in the world. I was a tad bitter but I'm trying to get over it. Tis the season. I love my family to death but they're not the best present givers. They're favorite place to shop is the Dollar Stores. I'm not even being sarcastic. We have this $10 limit although I think we moved it to $15 this year. The way I look at it is, Keith and I can combine our money and get nice things for people. Nobody else thinks like this. They just do the $10 from THE WHOLE FAMILY. Yah that's geared towards my brother and his family. All 4 of them give one gift worth $10. I've now begun to bank on Keith and his family for the good gifts.

I think I may have to have a little talk with myself and remember the true reason for the season. I did ask Keith if we could go to church on x-mas eve. I missed not going last year. It just felt incomplete not going. I love going to x-mas eve service and singing and getting teary eyed over the songs. I'll have to remind him to look into that.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. A lot of sleeping, a lot of sex good stuff like that. We ended up going over to T's on Sunday night to watch the 3 hour finale of Survivor. I'm glad everyone learned what a liar Chris had been during the game. I loved how both him and Twila looked so chubby!

I gave blood last night. My 30th donation. Go me. The nurse who took it looked about 15. I was a tad apprehensive. She put the needle in nice and painlessly but then ruined it by shoving it in a bit more and wow did that ever hurt! I had a bit of pain during the rest of it. Ah well it's for a good cause.

I'm having lunch with Paul today. Keith's not too thrilled over this. He's met the guy so I honestly don't know how we could feel threatened or jealous. I feel bad for Paul. It seems that he'll meet a girl, get his hopes up and then get them bashed over and over again. Plus I don't think he has too many friends.

Speaking of friends I spoke to Lee last night. She's one of my ex's sister. We bonded the night that I found out Rob was already dating another girl in secret near the end of our break up (that was a big ol scandal). We went to a bar and became fast friends. We can literally talk for hours - it's awesome. She's 35 and still looking for Mr. Right. She's had a lot of Mr. Wrongs in her time. My fingers are crossed for her. But she has the best personality and it doesn't hurt that she's damn good looking! It's been too long since I've seen her. We've got to plan a girl's night sometime in the future. Plus she wants to meet Keith. I think they'd like eachother.

Well this entry is damn long. Time to go and do some actual work!

11:58 a.m. - 2004-12-14


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