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You could say it's cold out

-35 with the wind-chill. Without it's a balmy -25. Get out the sunscreen!

I walked to work even though I was 99% sure I had a place to park. I'm crazy like that. It's the fighting spirit in me. I like to prove that I can fight the elements. I was pretty warm for the most part. My legs got a little cold even with the long johns. My cheeks and chin were cold and my nose hairs froze as soon as I stepped outside. But besides all that I was fine.

My weekend went pretty good. On Saturday I was up at a decent hour and headed out to do the remaining of my Christmas shopping (Keith's) and buy some more wrapping paper. I got back and Keith got up and then went out to finish his shopping (for me!). That night we went to Theatre and Company and saw A Christmas Carol. It was pretty good. Although we stood out in the lobby for almost half an hour before they let us in to sit down. We got there at 6:45. It was pretty cold inside the theatre but I was fine since I wore my new sweater. I had initially bought it for Keith but once I tried it on it became mine - heh. After the play we headed west to Waterloo and bought ourselves a couple of x-large hot chocolates and then went to Waterloo Park where we looked at all the x-mas light displays. They were very pretty. I tried taking pictures but they didn't turn out. Once home we called it an early night and were in bed by 11:30 (party animals!). Unfortunately I didn't sleep the best and was up at 4am tossing and turning and then finally went out on the couch and read for awhile. I slipped back into bed at 5 and Keith got up at 5:30.

The morning was spent lazing around and then around 1 I left to go meet T and C for our annual dinner and gift giving at Swiss Chalet. I thought C was going to take an old couple out. We were waiting in line behind and even elderly couple and the 'old couple' butt in and were asking about their reservation. C nearly tore a strip off them. She's scary sometimes. But all ended well. We eventually got seated, had an awesome meal (and dessert!) and then exchanged gifts. Afterwards T talked me into going to Walmart with her but surprisingly it wasn't very busy. I ended up buying 3 things - all for me. I got home just in time to say sweet dreams to Keith.

While he slept I was a busy beaver and decided to mop the floor cause it was getting gross. After I cleared the floor and swept it I couldn't find any floor cleaner but I preserved and finally found the bottle and began my cleaning spree. I felt so much better after it was all done. No more sticky spots!

The living room is so full of wrapped presents that there's really no point in trying to clean it. I waited up for Keith to drive him to work - cause I'm such a nice girlfriend and didn't make him walk in this freezing cold.

I have one more thing to do and that's to print off a few pictures for my sister in law's gift. Hopefully I'll do that tonight or tomorrow then I can wrap her present and I'm officially done. Woo!

Random things:

I smell burnt toast. Or more accurately burnt bagel. I burnt the bagel I brought for lunch. The smell won't go away! I also dropped some tuna in my keyboard. Oops.

I just now figured out that if I put chapstick on under my lipstick it makes my lips look so much better plus it helps to keep them from chapping. Scary that I just figured this out now huh?

If Whovillian is reading this I do want to read your new diary but I couldn't respond until today and you're old diary is already locked! Contact me…please!

That's all!

4:34 p.m. - 2004-12-20


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