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A Big Change

Well I no longer have a boyfriend.

I have a fiancée.

Yup I'm engaged!

Even though we've been talking about it forever it was always an intangible thing. It still hasn't really sunk in. Even though it should have since yesterday my friends were all planning the date for me. Let's first go back to the beginning.

We'll start with Friday, December 24. I actually got off work early - noon! I spent the afternoon getting the presents ready to travel and then lugging them all to the car - by myself! I was kind of pissy cause of this manual labor. By the time I made it over to Keith's I was a sweaty, cranky girl. He asked me which presents I wanted to take with me to open in front of our parents. He told me I should take this one huge, heavy box but I told him there was no room plus I didn't want to lug it all the way to my parents and then all the way home. Can you guess which one the ring was in?

So we left 'the' box there and headed out to his parents. Only his brothers and one sister were there and after sitting around talking for an hour or so I convinced Keith to go to church with me. It was a lovely service. His mom ended up coming in sometime during it so that was nice. I hadn't eaten since lunch so I was starving after the service. We finally got to eat around 10 when his parents put out some veggies, crackers and cheese and assorted meats. Around 12:30 we were done in and hit the sheets even though most everyone else was staying up. As it turned out his parents and one sister did an all nighter (crazy!). We got up for 8 to have a huge breakfast and then gather in the living room to open our presents. My secret santa this year was one of his brothers. He got me a beautiful dolphin figurine (pretty darn big and heavy!), a little gift package of my favorite scent White Musk from the Body Shop, a cd by Joe Nichols and a $25 gift card for Chapters. He said I look 'bookish'. I took it as a compliment. I opened one gift from Keith which turned out to be the perfume that I really really really wanted! Very cool!

We watched a movie with his mom and sister Brother Bear and I managed not to cry this time. After that we got changed and hit the road to my parents. We made excellent time - better than if we left from my place which is half an hour closer. We were the first to arrive at my parents which worked out perfect since I could grab a shower and change into some clean clothes - I didn't shower at Keith's parents cause their bathroom really scares me and anything I put one would reek of smoke by the time I got in my car (4 out of the 7 who were staying there were chain smokers).

Christmas at my parents went really well. Dinner was awesome and afterwards we all opened our gifts together. It was still chaotic and not in any order but you take what you can get. I actually got some pretty good gifts this year - thoughtful if you will. Although I did return the shirt and pj's my mom got me - the guilt is eating away at me but I just couldn't wear these items, they're so not me! Keith gave me my other gift we brought along which turned out to be 2 cd's by Tim McGraw and he even let me play them on the way home!

I had totally forgot that boxing day was on a Sunday thus there was church - luckily I didn't look that bad in my travelling clothes. After church we had a quick game of Scrabble and then hit the road. The drive home was the total opposite of the way there. The traffic was very heavy and the weather wasn't co-operating. The roads were slushy and starting to freeze over and the salt trucks weren't out yet. At one point I looked over at the oncoming traffic and watched 2 vehicles smash into one another. We slowed down and a couple cars in front of me got out and ran over to the accident. Keith said it looked like someone was hanging out of one of the vehicles and for me not to look. That was enough to get me nice and emotional for the rest of the drive home. I literally prayed that no one died and that everyone involved would be okay. It bummed me out for most of the ride home and when we got to Keith's I called my parents to tell them we got home okay and I told them all about the accident.

Keith said he almost didn't give me 'the' present cause of my emotional state. But we started with the smaller presents he gave me - a Timmy's mug and a train case for all my makeup and stuff. He said I got pretty thrilled over these small gifts so he'd knew I'd be okay opening the big one.

I totally didn't expect to see a small gold box sitting inside this large heavy box that I tore open. I was actually speechless. I stared at it and finally picked it up and that's when I noticed my hands were actually shaking! I asked him if this is what I thought it was and he nodded and then well the rest is a blur. But it involved crying and hugging and then calling my mom back and then her crying and me crying and me shaking. It was emotional! But so cool! I can't believe we're actually engaged. I’m sure it will sink in when we start with the actual planning.

My parents may be in the area in the next day or so and hopefully they'll drop by so we can get the ball rolling on the planning.

I'm trying to tell all my friends in person. I told T on Monday and she freaked and was so excited for me. Then I saw S and Kim last night and they were so happy for me. We had an impromptu get together in Toronto at S's. It was actually pretty darn fun! We left there around 8:30 and ended up stopping at Kelsey's in Milton for some food. We weren't out of there till almost 10. Once we got home I was so stuffed and feeling kind of ick (the fries were super greasy). We went to bed a little after 11 but sleep didn't come easily. I woke up around 1:30 and took a couple of tablets for my indigestion and then tried laying back down. Of course I didn't sleep so I ended up going out to the couch and laying down there. I fell asleep till 3 and then woke up and crawled back to bed. 7:00 came way to early! But Keith was awesome and made my lunch and a grapefruit for breakfast since I wasn't up to eating anything heavy cause all I wanted to do was sleep!

But I was still cheerful when I arrived at work this morning cause I got to share my good news with everyone.

Well it's just about quittin' time. I got to get home and start taking my echinacea again. The throat is getting sore and I want to be healthy for New Years. I just spoke to T who reminded me it's swimming night so we're actually gonna try and go. I also now have to start worrying about the figure and slimming it down in earnest. Good times. Guess I better live it up the next 2 days!

4:34 p.m. - 2004-12-29


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