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I need a different job. A flexible one if you will. Seriously. I want to be able to eat when I want - not when the clock tells me I have to. I want to leave work and go workout for a good hour or two. I want to lay down and take a nap if I feel like it. Is this too much to ask? Apparently so.

Good thing Keith bought that lotto ticket last night. Right.

Not much is happening. Went swimming last night after eating tons of spaghetti. I amazingly didn't sink. Just T and I went as Keith had to sleep. Tres cranky. I tried to clean my apartment last night but I just couldn't get the ambition up. I can only 'move my stuff' around for so long until it 'appears' clean. I just want a bigger place already. I want a walk in closet. I want a huge bathroom with a huge bathtub. I want space.

I'm apparently very 'want-y' today eh?

I want to go home and not be at work. I seriously thought of calling in sick to work just cause I felt like it. Good thing I didn't cause one of my other co-workers did that. I think she may be legitimately sick but then again we all sound like crap when we first wake up so itís not too easy to fake. I know.

My parents never called, I guess they're not dropping in on me. They probably are worried that I'll feel they'll be rushing me and Keith into making plans. But I kind of need to talk to them to find out a) should I expect some kind of financial help and b) what date should I pick. My dad is after all a minister and they tend to get booked up far in advance for this sort of thing. I have to book my dad for my wedding. Ha.

Okay just writing about a wedding is weirding me out! It's all kind of surreal at the moment.

So tomorrow is New Years eve. I am so frickin' tired right now that the thought of staying up till midnight tomorrow night is so not appealing. I better get some good sleep tonight. Maybe this time I won't eat a few pieces of chocolate half an hour before bedtime. I figured that's why I couldn't go to sleep right away.

After work I'm gonna pick up Keith (who woke up early and is in a nice cranky mood) and then we're gonna do a bit of running around - I want to stop at a party store to look for stuff for tomorrow night, plus we'll probably hit the grocery store to have some junk food on hand if/when my brother and his gf come over.

4:31 p.m. - 2004-12-30


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