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A New Years Re-cap (finally)

There's nothing like a red mark on your left hand that stands out nice and bright when people grab your hand to look at 'the ring'. Last night while swimming I noticed what appeared to be a small wart (ew!). I don't know how I got it and I don't want to know. But luckily we had some stuff lying around to treat them (it's not mine I swear!). It burns like a son of a gun. It's this freezing stuff and you hold it to your skin for a few seconds and trust me those are some painful seconds we're talking about. At first it turns the whole area red and rash like but today it's only a round red dot where the wart is. Painful though if it touches anything. I would have slapped a small round band aid on it but I was running late this morning - as usual.

I couldn't get my butt out of bed. I was so tired when I got home from work yesterday. I made some dinner, watched some tv then layed down to read while I waited to go swimming. That was a mistake, it made me so tired I didn't want to move. But I didn't want to stand T up so I got up and forced myself out the door.

While cleaning off my car a guy came over to me and told me he ran out of gas and needed $4.50 for a gas can and that his wife and children were in the car freezing. Being the soft touch I am I gave him the $5. Then he proceeded to tell me he'd been drinking. Then he started babbling about how his wife was driving and that she didn't get gas so it's her fault. Obviously the money wasn't for gas but I wasn't about to ask for it back I just wanted him to leave. Which he did. Keith thought I was stupid for giving him the money but I just wanted him to leave. I was just glad he didn't want a drive to the gas station - which obviously I wouldn't have done! As he left I watched him walk in the opposite direction he came from. Nice. Guess the wife and kids were just gonna have to freeze while he went and got a drink.

No wedding update yet. I'm 99% sure we're having it here. Now I just have to start looking around for a place and this is what makes my stomach twist and turn just thinking about it. I'm such a novice. I donít even know where to start! At break time I went and actually looked up a few places but so far I've only got the chance to book mark them and not go and read about them. Gulp. Isn't it crazy how some brides know exactly what they want and where they want it while there's others like me who would just rather show up on the day and have everything done for me? I'm not a detail person. T told he last night that since S will be my maid of honor (I haven't officially asked yet) that S will have to be the one to help me with all the details. I gave her my death stare and said that like it or not she would be helping me plan this wedding. S is in Toronto, T is here!

We're apparently expecting some big storm that was supposed to start overnight but so far it's pretty tame out. We had some freezing rain this morning but it wasn't slippery to walk to work which was good. I wore my contacts cause I was expecting the worse but my eyes are so tired that it just emphasis how much I look like crap.

Oh yah I didn't mention my New Years! After I left work early at 3, I got home and cleaned like the dickens. My brother and sil (sister in law) showed up around 6:30 and we had us some Swiss Chalet (the original idea was chinese but apparently everyone does that on New Years Eve and you have to order 6 hours ahead. Swiss was only 10 minutes - they won! After stuffing ourselves and relaxing for a bit we loaded up my car (seriously it was packed) and headed over to T's. Only C showed up and T's friend Alex (a girl). It was still nice though. Well except for T's friend. My lord, but I'm not a person who dislikes people but I was ready to pop this girl one! Oh man. We sat in the kitchen and chatted for a while then we moved into the living room. By this time it's around 10:30 so we put the tv on to city tv for some back ground ambiance. They were showing clips of other New Years past and this got us all talking about it. Well in walks Alex and demands that we turn the tv off. Demands. She wants to talk. Oh man I was so close to telling her to f*ck off. Seriously. We fought the power and the tv stayed on but we compromised by tuning it to a radio channel. Although ironically enough as we were searching through the channels and she saw something she liked she wanted to stop and watch. Good try bitch. (I guess I'm still a wee bit bitter!).

Then as me, Keith and T were sitting on the couch, Alex comes and squishes herself in. She laughed and asked if she was squishing us. I answered Yes and didnít laugh. Everyone who knows me knew I didn't like her and could tell from the way that I spoke to her that I wasn't trying to hide it much. C came in from a smoke break with her and had this look on her face, she had all she could take of her too. I don't know what it was about her but she was so annoying! At the countdown as we all stood up and counted down and then carried on she just sat there. By that time T's boyfriend's family had arrived (6 of them) so we had a larger crowd. The party only lasted till about 1:30 but by that time I just wanted to go to bed to get away from her. Although I did laugh once when Alex was out smoking and my brother looked at me and said WWJD to me. "What Would Jesus Do". He should be a preacher. But then again he was feeling no pain and could tolerate her. I on the other hand only had a few drinks so my tolerance was low, but that may have been good who knows what I would have said it I had been drinking excessively.

I could have been a wee bit jealous of her friendship with T. She tried to take her on a walk during the party. Um no! But really it was her bossy attitude that got me and she just expected people to listen - people she had never met before. Plus the laugh - nails on a chalkboard.

Okay I vented enough. Needless to say there won't be any girls night out with her involved.

It's starting to snow in earnest now. Oh the excitement!

Oh yah on New Years Day Keith and I followed my brother and sil to Orillia for a New Years dinner at my uncle's. Nobody expected Keith and I so they were all excited to see us and to congratulate us. Everyone loves Keith in my family so they were all thrilled that we're engaged.

4:31 p.m. - 2005-01-06


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