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Another weekend gone by

Well this morning went along zippily enough. But this afternoon is beginning to d-r-a-g. Monday's should be banned.

Anybody got any energy they can spare? A need a good ol' adrenaline rush. Or coffee - whatever.

Getting up was hell this morning. As is the norm on Monday's.

My weekend went by in a flash - again the norm. Friday we were good soldiers and had our pre-planned dinner (on a budget ya know). After dinner we watched one of the movies we rented, it was scary but that's all my brain will allow me to remember at the moment. I'm sure my boss would love to walk by my desk right now as I stare pensively out the window trying to remember the name of the movie!

After that Keith layed down to nap and I puttered around to keep myself from following. After he left for work I got bit my the cleaning bug and ended up doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen a bit. I finally headed to bed around 1:30.

Saturday I was up at around 8:30 - ick. I went to watch the other movie we rented - some chick flick - only to find the girl at the rental store gave me Pirates of the Caribbean. I had already seen it but started to watch it anyway. Half way through my eyes wouldn't stay open so I clicked off the tv and fell asleep for about an hour. I awoke around 1:30 and decided it was time for Keith to get up as well.

We finally made it to his parents to give them the news about our engagement. His mom was thrilled. We stayed there for a few hours and then headed back home. By this time I was starving as it was around 7 and the last time I ate was around 11. We decided that we could afford to eat out so we treated ourselves to KFC. Nice and greasy. After stuffing our faces (literally!) we watched some tv for a while and then headed to bed around 10 - sad but true. Keith only slept for a few hours but I slept till 9 the next morning.

I finally woke him around 2:30 and we headed out to do some grocery shopping for this week. Our trip for the day. This being on a budget blows I tell ya. Buying the necessities only just doesn't do it for me. I decided to dissolve my picture fund. I was saving up for this amazing picture that I love but it's just too big and there's nowhere to put it once I move to Keith's. Huge sigh.

After dinner and a game of scrabble (I lost!) Keith and I did something that we haven't done in a LONG time. We made out! I know it was insane. He was totally the initiator. I was all like, "what are you doing?" - can you tell it's been a while. Normally we'll just give some sort of signal and both head for the bed if you know what I mean. But this time there was a lot of kissing involved - very nice. It's kind of like getting flowers unexpectedly for no reason or in a guy's case like getting a bj for no reason.

I got an email from S earlier. The company she works for is canning her - next week. Her contract was supposed to end in March. Not good. I have no idea what her and the hubby are going to do. They both can't be unemployed!

In wedding news, still haven't heard from our contact about the date of the wedding. She left a message on my home machine Friday. She was going to try and get hold of the people who have both weekends booked (they only need one but she needs to find out which one!). I got to thinking about it and realized that even if she calls them, they're obviously going to take a while cause it's for a reunion of some kind and normally there are a few people involved in the planning aspect of it. Can you say frustration?!

4:53 p.m. - 2005-01-17


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