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This was written yesterday but my stupid ass work computer was so slow I couldn't get on D-land! So here it is, yesterday's news....

That's a big ol' OW when I move any part of my body. I did weights yesterday at the gym. At the time it doesn't even feel like it's working but by the next day you know that it was and then some.

Yah so I have officially started the crack down on healthy eating and exercise, even though February starts tomorrow. Call this a dry run. Keith actually thought up this healthy eating plan for me. It involves a lot of vegetables and not so many carbs. I'm not cutting carbs out completely cause that's not for me but I am cracking down on them. I weighed and measured myself this morning so I'll be able to tell a week from now if this is going to work. Keith thinks I should write my weight on the fridge so I can 'see' the results from week to week. I don't think so. Nobody needs to see that number except me and God.

Speaking of which, I went to church yesterday. All by myself. It was the weirdest thing, I was up early and Keith was just going to bed and I started to think what a good idea it would be to go. I figured it was still at the same time so I had enough time to go to Shopper's and get copies of the wedding gown that I'll be getting 4 months from now. I grabbed a Tim's and headed off to the church. When I got there the parking lot was all full. Normally people are arriving and leaving (between services) but I was the only one. Now see this is the thing about me, normally, if I'm unsure of something I'll turn and run. I hate making a fool of myself. But divine intervention gave me the gumption to get out of the car and walk into the building. The service was going on and by the looks of it for a while. Again, I normally turn tail and run by now. But I opened the doors and went in. I only stood there for a moment or two before someone handed me a program and guided me to an empty chair. I looked at the program and sure enough the times had changed. There were now 3 services! The 11 o'clock service I went to now started at 10:15 and then the third was at 11:45. As they were singing the last song before the service ended I actually got choked up, it just moved me. I made the decision to stay for the next service up until the part I came in at. Of course once the part came I had decided to stay and listen to the message again. Spiritual no? Keith doesn't like the church that I go to. I can't remember which service he attended with me but I'm hoping someday I can get him to at least give it another chance. I will go by myself but it's so much nicer to share the experience with someone. I love the music they play. The songs are upbeat and having a live band playing them just adds to it.

After church I made a quick stop at National Sports and bought myself another large water bottle for home use. I noticed on the weekends I don't drink enough water so I'm hoping this will help. After that I headed over to the gym and made all the muscles in my body sore. Good times. I got home absolutely ravenous and devoured a peanut butter sandwich. Once Keith finally got up around 7 (9 hours sleep!) we headed out to buy me a crap load of veggies and healthy food. After a dinner of the healthy stuff (his idea) we sat around until it was almost time for him to leave for work and then decided to get some action going. Yowzer is all I have to say. It has been a long time since the world exploded into so many pieces. Normally it's just nice little earthquakes. Not this time. Wow. Just wow. I don't know what was different but whatever it was it worked. Okay, I can't believe how much I'm going on about it but Wow. Nuff said.

This morning after trying to turn off my alarm clock - sore muscles remember? I took my measurements and nearly died from the numbers. It doesn't help that I'm writing them in the same book I use whenever I do this. I can't wait to see these numbers go down!

In two day's I'll be asking C and T to be in my wedding party. I think T expects it but I donít think C has any clue. She emailed me to let me know she booked a hotel room already under the assumption she's invited to the wedding. C is so unpredictable that Iím actually not 100% sure she'll say yes. Then on Friday S comes down for the weekend. We're gonna do some wedding planning. Cool!

Tonight is gonna be a busy one. After work I'm heading straight to the gym, then home to eat my pre planned dinner (solo), then I'm off to pick up Keith, go to the laundry matt, while the clothes are washing we'll go grocery shop, come back put them in the dryer, go to Keith's drop off the groceries back to the laundry matt, get the clothes then head to my place. Whew! It exhausts me just thinking about it. Not really. I'm so excited about this whole health kick thing that I'm looking forward to crazy nights filled with exercise and crazy schedules. Certifiable? Maybe. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to Kardio Knockout at the Super Gym. It's been over a year so that's totally cool.

1:30 p.m. - 2005-02-01


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