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Finally an entry!

Guess who's sitting here listening to country music? That would be me! I was flicking through the radio stations and stumbled on a country station that comes in. Color me happy. And not only is it country but it's country that I know and love - the old stuff mixed with some new - the best of both worlds.

It's been a while since I updated. No real reason. We'll blame it on laziness. Last week I was on phones and was interrupted every other word when I went to write an entry. This week isn't quite back to normal. Yesterday our whole organization was down - the system that is. Some kind of power surge threw us off track and we sat the whole day at work with nothing to do. Thank goodness I wasn't on phones then. They should have put a message on stating we were experiencing technical difficulties. Anywho not my job.

I'm savouring a lindor chocolate that I just bought - just one little heart. Since, you know, my man didn't get me any valentine chocolates…..or a card. But I promised to let that go since he gave me his lobster tail. He made us a wonderful seafood dinner last night. I'm a sucker for lobster. It was cream pasta with tons of seafood, a side of broccoli and the piece de resistance - a lobster tail. I had bought a bottle of wine on a whim and it went very well with the meal. Wow, we're acting grown up! It's hard to believe it's only our 2nd anniversary together and next year we'll be celebrating it as our first as a married couple. Deep breath.

Did I mention that during my week long confinement on phones I was told by my boss that it was quiet in our area? And not quiet in a good way. I was missed.

Not too much else going on. I’m struggling to go to the gym (not doing to good though). Eating healthy is also still challenging. Why must fast food taste so good? Oh sure I eat it and then a few hours later feel a little icky - but still - at the time I'm eating it, it's all good! Blah. Plus snack food is out to get me. Chocolate and chips call to me! Sigh. Damn you scale…if you would just go down a pound or two I could maybe believe that eating healthy and working out is a good thing and it would strengthen my resolve.

I’m supposed to be going to the gym after work with Keith. I think I might have convinced him to meet me after work to open our bank account. You see it's pouring rain so he's not so eager to walk in the rain with me. Weird. T is pissing me off big time. She's actually going to the gym in the mornings. Getting it out of the way. Oh how I envy her! If I could just get my butt to bed at a decent hour and then actually get it out of bed an hour earlier I would so be laughing. If I could hang the picture of me holding my wedding dress up as motivation maybe that would help but unfortunately that would risk the fiancee seeing it and that's a big no no!

Ah well I'll trudge on doing the best I can.

Well that's about it for now. I better post this baby or else I'll never update!

4:56 p.m. - 2005-02-15


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