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money and stairs

Reality is setting in. This whole 'budget' thing was such a novelty that I didn't realize how hard it would actually be. I think if I didn't have to stress so much about maintaining a $1500 balance then I wouldn't be as stressed as I am. That's the magic number that means that I either get dinged with a million service charges or they are all null and void. At first saving $500 a month seemed like it would be easy - not so. Alright that's enough money bitching.

Last night Keith did meet me after work - in the pouring rain - he does love me! We opened a joint banking account. It's at times like these that it hits me - we're getting married - for real! This isn't a 'someday' kind of thing anymore. This is going to happen and every day we get closer and closer. Then I get that 'stomach feeling' let's describe it as plummeting at a fast speed on a very high roller coaster kind of thing. Then my mind will begin to think of the million and one things that need to be done and I'll stress myself out even more. Lord, but I'm weird.

Last night I'm sure Keith thought I was losing it. I became over whelmed at all of the stuff I have and how we're going to fit it into his place. Then I started going through my closet and actually throwing away clothes (okay putting them aside to give to goodwill) but still I was parting with my clothes! A big step for me.

I'm gonna go book a massage appointment right this very minute. What about saving money you ask? Ha ha - I will get reimbursed by my employer - health benefits gotta love them. I have this Friday off and so far the only things planned are the gym and to go get my health card renewed. I think I can manage to squeeze a massage in there!

Is it wrong that I'm smiling cause He Stopped Loving Her Today is playing on my country radio station? Have I ever mentioned that Keith almost didn't reply to my personal ad cause it said I liked country music. But convenience luckily won out since it stated that we lived pretty near eachother. Whew.

So this morning unbeknownst to Keith (who carried my back pack) I packed my gym shoes, some socks and a t-shirt. You see I got this bright idea that it would be beneficial if I climbed the stairs of our building during my lunch hour. Well I ran out of time today but I decided to maybe do a couple of minutes. 5 floors. That's what I did. 5 floors and my legs are rubbery and I'm sweating like a beast. Pleasant. I didn't even change cause I thought - it's only a couple of minutes - no big deal. Huh! I'll know better tomorrow!

Well the day is done. Iím outta here. Gotta head home, re-heat some valentine leftovers and then go swimming with T.

5:08 p.m. - 2005-02-16


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