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I must be insane. I plan on working out tonight after work even though I can barely walk cause of these gimpy legs of mine. Yesterday's little stair climb has left me hobbling around today. The swimming last night probably didn't make it any better. My quads are a bit sore but it's the calfs that are screaming mad. But if I don't work out T will kick my butt.

So for a brief moment in time I held $1000. Then I handed it over to the bank teller to put into our joint account. Easy come, easy go.


It's a few hours later now. Almost time to hit the road. I just got a phone call from the first ex. He said he had big news. He's getting married. What are the odds eh? I told him as long as he didn't pick my date then it would be okay (my way of telling him I'm getting married). I must admit I am kind of impressed cause this is coming from a guy who about 5 or 6 years ago could never commit to me (we dated almost 7 years). Granted we had a whole whack of problems so this turned out to be a very good thing. But for him to actually commit is a big step. Wow that means all of my ex's are engaged! Insane. Although I don't think any of them have actually gotten a ring for their intended or set a date - you know the important stuff. But hey if they're happy I'm happy. I only wish the ex's well. I think R was a bit put off when I told him he wouldn't have an invite to the wedding. Since I was at work while having this conversation I couldn't really get into a lengthy conversation or try to soothe some ruffled feathers. He made a point of telling me that I would be invited to his wedding - whenever that may be.

He also kept telling me about this book that I must read. The 5 Love Languages of Singles. He even threatened to mail me a copy. That I don't worry about since he fails to follow through on most things he tells me. It was a very bizarre conversation over all. I also brought up the fact that he stoop up my dad. He explained his way out of it as he always does.

Anyway, now that that is out of my system. I spoke to C and T today and we're gonna go dress shopping next month. I just have to hear back from S about her schedule. I'm a little worried about her lack of cash but it's out of my hands and I'm already worrying about a million other things, so I just gotta learn to let go.

Well this is a short update cause there's not too much else I can think to say. Plus it's my quittin' time. I'm headed out to get my brows waxed, work out and then go watch some SURVIVOR! Tomorrow I have a massage booked in the afternoon - sweet!

5:06 p.m. - 2005-02-17


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