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Hormonally stressed or just plain crazy!?

Hormones? Stress? Stressed out hormones? I don't know but I just about lost it on my bank teller. Lost it as in crying not yelling. Over the weekend my bank card wasn't working - I had received a new one on Thursday and when I went to use it on Friday but it wouldn't let me. The telephone banking guy told me that they had had a problem with their systems and I would have to go into the bank and get it re-programmed. When I went in today the girl told me that there was no problem with it. So I took my bank card, went to the machine and then was back in line within one minute. I didn't get the same teller - this one told me that I was supposed to go to the bank machine directly after receiving the card (a fact I was never told). Of course at this point my voice got thick and the tears were threatening. Overreact much? The poor woman was so nice to me after this point. Then after she fixed the card, she went out to the bank machine with me to re-program it. I wish I could blame this on good ol' PMS but I'm not even close to that time of the month. So I guess we're gonna have to go with stress.

Although it could also be tiredness. Cause really I'm not all that stressed. We did some more wedding stuff on the weekend - booked the photographer. That night I dreamt wedding related stuff - but weird dreams not cute ones. Saturday was pretty productive since we were out of the apartment cause of the photographer we also took advantage and ran some errands. Sunday was the exact opposite. Very unproductive. Since I was used to going to bed late all weekend last night was no exception. I think I finally shut off my light around 1am. Then I layed in bed and listened to what I hope will be mine and Keith's wedding song. I left it on repeat until I was just about dozed off and then I clicked it off. I won't say what song it is yet cause knowing Keith he'd google it and then tell me he doesn't like it plus I want to hear it with him. Of course while I was listening to the song I could picture us all decked out and dancing to it - whoosh - we really are getting married! Plus the song is kinda sappy so it made me all misty eyed. Man I am one big hormone huh? Gotta get that under control!

I did make it to the gym Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I would have went Sunday but I was giving my heel time to heal (heh). On Saturday I went to hop on the treadmill and my heal was throbbing - I guess it had been rubbing against my shoe or something cause there was a raw patch and it was too tender to touch. This, of course, ruined my plans of hopping into the hot tub to ease my sore muscles. I had got my massage on Friday and for the first time ever I was sore from it. I know my shoulders were very knotty and she pretty much focused on them and my neck. I guess this means I should go more often - prevention and all that good stuff!

It's quittin' time. Iím really, really gonna try and go to the gym. Where's a surge of energy when I need it?

4:55 p.m. - 2005-02-21


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