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Deep thought of the day: Pulling off dead skin still hurts like a son of a gun even though it's dead.

Lord, but I love this country station. It's like they play the music just for me! Right now they're playing Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old by Garth Brookes - who can't relate to that song?!

I managed to get all hot and sweaty today at lunch. Nope not a nooner - I climbed me some stairs. My office is on the 5th floor. I climbed to the 12th twice. That was enough. I want to see if I'm able to move tomorrow. I stretched before and after. I'm hoping that makes a difference. But wow, it doesn't take long before I realize how out of shape I am. After every 2 flights I had to stop and wheeze some breath into my body. I'm writing this in hope that as time goes on I'll look back and realize how far I've come.

I feel like I 'm some kind of criminal when I'm trying to do the stair walking. I don’t want anyone to see me and question me. I'm weird like that. Plus I could see someone else thinking it's a good idea and wanting to join me - and I really don't need anyone witnessing how out of shape I am.

It looks like I got a dj booked. Most cost $800 and up. This one is $400. I said yes without giving Keith a say. But I figure no money has exchanged hands yet so if he's violently opposed to this guy for some reason than we can cancel. But I think it should be fine. One less thing to do! I love checking things off the master list. A lot of the other stuff are things that can wait till closer to the wedding. Now I just have to concentrate on getting this booty into shape.

I've been emailing my younger brother today. It's so weird to talk wedding stuff with him. Weird but cool. He hasn't got a teaching job yet so it sounds like times are a little tough for him. Keith and I both have good jobs and we're feeling the pinch of saving for the wedding I can only imagine how my brother and his fiancée are handling it.

I did manage to make it to the gym yesterday. I surprised myself. I kept flipping between going and not going. Then I gave myself the 'pep talk' or should I say the 'wedding talk'. Nothing motivates you more than thinking of walking down the aisle looking like a whale! I don't expect to be svelte or skinny cause that wouldn't be me but I do want to look 'lighter'. That would be ideal. Gotta whittle these hips down!

I thankfully went to bed early last night. We layed down at 10 and after my initial non-stop talking thing I do I crashed hard. But I woke up around 1:30am cause there was a tapping sound going on around my dresser. Very bizarre. I actually got up, put my glasses on and the light and then stared at my dresser. The sound eventually stopped and I really don't want to think what it could have been but I turned off the light and was out within minutes once again.

I then had 2 bizarre dreams. The first dream was good. It involved the landlord of my apartment coming in to fix a few things and once he was done (my landlord is a lady but in the dream it was a man) my apartment was way bigger and gorgeous. I was trying to convince Keith that we should now move into my apartment rather than his. That one's not too hard to figure out. Moving anxiety.

The next one involved S. In my dream I tried calling her but she wasn't answering. So I biked over there - it was an old banana seat type bike - very cool. When I got there her and her husband were discussing how they had no jobs. Then she saw me and told me that she was going to the Auto Show with him rather than meeting me like we had planned. I got mad, told her off and left in a huff on my bike. I'm sure that dream is somehow expressing some wedding anxiety and maybe that I'm afraid she won't be available to do everything she's supposed to for/with me. Aren't I just the dream analyzer today?

Well it's been real but I got a cold walk home and then the gym to look forward to. Whoopee!

4:51 p.m. - 2005-02-22


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