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Fallin' apart!

Why oh why am I falling apart? I'm only 30! Really I wasn't expecting this deterioration until at least 42! The latest issue? My left shoulder. I woke up this morning in great discomfort. I definitely couldn't lay on my left side and the right was iffy. Laying on my back was the only semi comfortable position. I'm hoping that I just laid on it funny during the night and thus the horrendous pain. I whined to Keith for a while cause he called me to tell me it was cold out and the real reason was to make sure I was going to work today.

Yah I didn't go to work yesterday. Long story. But since I have time and enjoy typing I'll tell it. On Tuesday night Keith and I spoke about some wedding plans - mainly the dj. I guess he was a little peeved that I went ahead and told the guy yes - although we would still have to meet him to go over everything and give him a deposit. Then right before bed I played Keith the song that I would like for us to use for our first dance. He laid there and let his mind wander and then proceeded to put down the song. Within minutes he was sleeping and I lay there and seethed. The more he snored the more upset I got. Finally around 12:30 I left the room and went to the couch. Keith got up and asked me what was wrong. I gave the classic female answer 'nothing'. Finally after an hour of my stewing and sulking we finally talked things over but by that time I was awake and sleep wasn't happening. Around 2 I think I finally started to drift off. When my alarm went off the next morning I took a few minutes to decide whether to call in sick or dredge through the day. I made the call and slept until noon. Very nice. I then spent the day watching soaps and trash tv while Keith played on his computer. I was a good girl and went swimming with T though. I had to get some exercise.

In other news, I think the Shoppers Drug Mart guy may have been flirting with me. Hard to tell cause I suck at that kind of stuff. Ever since last summer when I pretty much begged him to let me take the instructions out of a box (mine didn't have any it) he always talks to me whenever I'm in the store. Today I was just walking around and stopped at the tooth whitening section and he came over and chatted for a while. Although really I could just be mistaking friendliness for flirting. Like I said I suck at this kind of thing. I'm just not in tune to the whole flirting thing. Unless it's blatant I don't catch on and even then I think people are just kidding around. Yes I am that naÔve. Ah well.

Iím in the process of debating whether to go to the gym tonight or not. On one hand I really need to work out - deadline and all! On the other I'm afraid if I work out I'll aggravate the shoulder and I'll be in pain for even longer. I figure I'll find out on my walk home. This morning after I got to work from carrying my back pack my shoulder was throbbing. Decisions decisions.

4:53 p.m. - 2005-02-24


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