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The Old Days

It seems like so long ago when I could whip into Shoppers Drug Mart make a $20 - $30 purchase and think nothing of it. Nowadays I analyze my purchases to death and then afterwards try and figure out in my head if this will affect the critical $1500 balance I must keep. Oh how things have changed. It's not even like I bought good stuff today either! I bought 'feminine products' and supports to put into my shoe to help my foot problem, which I finally know the name of - Plantar Fasciitis. Apparently the vast majority of cases arise quite spontaneously without any recognizable injury. It is also notorious for taking a long time to heal, up to a year or more - gulp. So the first treatment is apparently an insert in your shoe - the next would be injections and the last option would be surgery. Good times ahead for me.

Yah so those were my 2 costly purchases of the day. Last night before swimming I went to Zellers to look for the inserts (of course I looked in the wrong department) so of course I ended up in the clothing section and my the urge to buy overrode my 'saving' side. I ended up purchasing a pair of workout capris. I know the horror! But ultimately I ended up using the last of my gift card so the few purchases I made cost me a whopping $4.

I spent half of my lunch hour trying to listen to a radio station on the internet that kept getting interrupted and having to re-buffer every 10 seconds or so. I can't tell you how annoying that was. The only reason I was listening was to hear them call a name for their trip a day giveaway. I am so done with that station.

Oh yah I figured out my problem regarding my benefit cheque. My memory! I had cashed it. God I'm an idiot. I was telling Keith the story and HE remembered! My only defense was I cashed it during the whole card issue I had with the bank so I must have pushed it to the back of my mind. Yah I'll go with that.

I now have a burnt cd full of Ronnie Milsap songs. I had emailed Keith with the name of a song I had heard on the radio and really liked, "Wouldn't have missed it for the World". I don't know if that's the correct title but that's part of the chorus. It's a really nice song. Too bad it's about a couple that's no longer together or else I MAYBE would have considered it for our first dance. As it is, Michael, is still in the running for number one.

Everyday, I think I have this water drinking licked. Half way through the day I'll be like, 'no problem I'll finish this 2 litre bottle before 4:48!'. Around 4:20 I'll look over at the bottle and still have tons left, so I suck it down in the next 20 minutes and pee 3 times when I get home. One of these days.

Survivor is at T's tonight. I think we're gonna try and alternate weeks at her place and Keith's. Works for me! Free food on both ends. Heh.

Well it's quittin' time once again….yabba dabba do!

4:57 p.m. - 2005-03-10


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