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Updating on a Saturday what a novelty!

Wow, updating on a weekend! Far out.

I have some time to kill while Keith does his dishes. It's been a busy day for both of us. I was up bright and early (8am!) to go dress shopping with C and T. Following in the theme of my wedding, the first dress shop we went to we found their bridesmaid dress! The dress looked amazing on both of them. The only snag was it didn't come in the burnt orange color that I was intending to go with. The closest was papaya. Not sure what's up with the name. The dress they tried on was in red. The swatch of papaya was so small that it's kind of hard to imagine what the dress would actually look like. But I'm working on finding a swatch or even better the dress in that color. Now all I have to do is call S and see when she can come down to try it on and give her seal of approval (and down payment) and then we'll most likely order the dress. We thought that with the lighter color if they carried darker colored flowers it would look good. All about the details.

We went to two other stores but didn't even try on dresses. I'm a little worried about S putting down money since I know cash is tight. I guess if worse came to worse I could put it down for her and she'd just have to repay me but I'm really hoping it doesn't come to that.

After the dress shops we went shoe shopping! Well the girls did anyway, I 'window' shopped. We went to Payless and some other shoe store. Then since we were in full shopping mode we hit Winners and then Giant Tiger. I bought a bunch of stuff at the Grand Tiger since it was stuff that was needed.

In between there we grabbed a bight to eat at KFC. The girl behind the counter was new and there was only one girl cooking. Apparently everyone else was on break - nice. By the time I got my food C & T were done eating! Of course now I feel icky - it's from all this eating healthy. Whenever I eat crap food - I feel like crap - go figure.

When I got home Keith was gone out- he went out grocery shopping to stock up for food this week. He's going to be doing double duty at work since his boss is on vacation. Plus he had to buy food for the big dinner with the parents.

After putting away the groceries he bought for me - yay - we headed out to the movies at Frederick Cinema - cheap! We saw Robots. Pretty funny and the kids weren't all that annoying - bonus. Keith had also told me about a guy who had a picture booth set up in the mall and he thought the picture I liked was there for cheap. Unfortunately it wasn't the one. Close. We're gonna try and go to St. Jacob's tomorrow so I can take a gander at the picture I like...probably not to but it although that would be sweet! But I've been spending money from my picture fund so I seriously doubt that would happen. Someday.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. My foot is doing pretty good with my ortho inserts. The arches on both my feet are a little sore getting used to them but my left foot doesn't hurt when I walk on it anymore which is so nice. I'm hoping to go to the gym a lot next week since I'll have the time. I also have the bonus of driving to work next week - my co-worker gave me her parking pass. Although I won't be driving Tuesday since my parents will be picking me up early from work or Friday cause it's my flex day. But hey, not having to walk the 3 other days is sweet. It will give my foot some good healing time.

After this entry (when he's done his dishes) we'll be heading back to my place for the rest of the weekend. I rented a couple of movies - The Grudge and Vaneity Fair.

Oh, he just drained the sink - gotta go!

6:29 p.m. - 2005-03-12


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