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Tuesday's entry...yah I know today's Thursday.

Because I poured blood sweat and tears into this entry that I wrote waaaaay back when (Tuesday I think)and D land started having all those problems, I'm gonna post this entry anyway! It may be out of date but I don't care. I'm too lazy at the moment to write a new one or reconstruct this one. So here it is in all it's glory:

Hair and Shoes...but not Hairy Shoes.

Contrary to the norm the past weekend was actually kinda sorta almost busy for me. On Friday (my flex) I did a whole lot of nothing. That evening T and I headed over to the dress shop and ordered all the bridesmaid dresses. C ended up giving me her visa number and I just threw S's on mine. Afterwards we went shopping and ended up buying hair dye. I went from a dark blonde to a red head. I always said I wanted a change that everyone would notice but I didn't expect to go that drastic. Still, I like it. Change can be good. While we dyed our hair we also had a few drinks - fun times indeed.

Saturday I finally got to see my boy! We did some running around including looking for a pair of shoes for me. I finally found a pair of shoes I could wear at work that would fit the insoles I have so my feet can actually get better. We found them at Sears of all places. They were having their scratch sale. My shoes were only $19.99 and in order to scratch and save the purchase had to be over $25. We hunted around the store looking for something inexpensive that we needed and I finally found some socks. At the sales counter the clerk informed me that those socks were excluded! I ended up just grabbing a new makeup bag and after scratching I ended up only getting the bare minimum off $5. Ah well.

Saturday evening Keith and I drove to his friends house for dinner only to find his friend not home. Since we were so close we drove to his sisters and spent some time chatting with them. His friend called shortly after we got there and apologized cause he had forgotten all about inviting us for dinner…..the night before! But he pulled together a dinner and we ended up having a pretty good time. The only bad part was driving home. It started to snow rather heavily and by the time we left the roads were covered. Of course we're in the country which made it 10 times worse for me. I have that fear of going over to one side and catching my tire on the shoulder and going into a ditch. I drove white knuckled for most of it. Keith would have drove except he had had very little sleep and a few drinks on top of that. I would have been even more nervous if he had drove. But we made it home unharmed.

Sunday we met up for lunch with my brother, his wife and the kids. We took them to the Moose and the kids loved it. They got to draw on the table while waiting for their food and then go to the amusement area afterwards. It was a nice afternoon. I rarely see my brother and his family except for family functions so this was nice. After we said goodbye Keith and I wasted the rest of the afternoon doing some grocery shopping and then watching some tv. I layed down for a couple of minutes while he fell asleep around 7 and out of the blue I told him I should call my friend Lee. Not one hour later Lee called me! I love it when things like that happen!

It had been ages since we had last talked and we certainly made up for it - 3 hours later we ended the conversation! It was so good talking to her. As I told Keith she's one person who I can tell anything to and will understand. We've both had our hearts broken but we both believe in love. It's hard to describe but I could just talk to that girl forever.

So I won some money last week. It was our 50/50 draw at work. A co-worker and I go in on our tickets together - we won $58 - $29 each. It doesn't take much to excite us! I just now went and spent my winnings. What did I buy? Socks. Work socks. Tres exciting! 5 pairs actually. I also bought a chick that bobs it's head and 2 dove chocolates. And I still have $8 left - oh the excitement of it all.

Oh yah also this weekend Keith and I looked into ideas for centrepieces for the tables at our wedding. We bought a few things from Dollarama to try out (cheap and cheerful!). We also stumbled across these beautiful candle holders that say Love on one side and then a nice saying on the other. We bought one and then decided that we should use it for the head table - so yesterday I went back and bought 9 more. It was my way of forcing myself to go to the gym. Which I have totally been slacking on lately. Also last week was fast food city. I ate at Harvey's, Wendy's, Mc Donald's….you name it I ate there. Not a good food week at all.

I wonder if I updated more often if I would ramble less? Nah, probably not! Ramble on.

1:36 p.m. - 2005-03-24


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