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My weekend in all it's glory

The problem with eating a salad with spinach is that you have to eat it by yourself with no one around. Cause let me tell ya that green stuff loves to stick to your teeth and in between. It's not a pretty sight. But it's tasty so I'll keep on chompin' - just have to keep a mirror handy and remember to smile with my mouth closed if someone comes over to talk to me while I eat it.

This weekend the weather decided to re-visit winter. Saturday was so crappy. It was cold minus seven I believe and it snowed none stop all day. It put quite the spin on the maple syrup festival we went to. Being the die hards that we were we bundled up and headed out nice and early. All in all it wasn't that bad. You didn't realize just how cold you were until you got back in the car to drive home. My butt was numb forever. So we made sure to eat lots of sugar (pancakes) and then some other goodies (soulvalki on a pita). Keith also had a sausage on a bun. We scanned the booths and I did end up buying a flower - painted all perty like. We also bought some cheese curds which we've yet to open.

Oh yah I did have a cop story to tell but since I'm outta time it will have to wait.
The rest of Saturday Keith spent sleeping and I went to the book store and then out to get some movies for the night - Open Water (snore) and Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle (or something like that) that one was pretty funny.

Sunday was pretty much a write off due to the whole time change thing. We went to bed relatively early but since I'm a yapper once we hit the bed we didn't end up sleeping till hours later. We did end up going out for a while in the afternoon to Michael's (craft store) and got some good wedding ideas then we did some grocery shopping. Once back home and after a quick dinner of taco salad Keith decided to lay down. I layed down with him and within minutes was in dream land for about an hour. We had some 'recreational' time and then I left the poor guy to finally get some sleep. Alas sleep wouldn't come so he watched some tv with me and then finally went down around 9pm.

After I dropped him off at work at 11 I was far from tired (go figure) so I watched some pretaped stuff and then read a book in bed till around 1am. Needless to say this morning was complete hell getting up.

My vacation day was booked for tomorrow so I decided to just keep it and take the day off. It's kind of nice to be able to take vacation days and not have to worry about having enough for the summer or whatever. I have about 24 so I'm doing fine. I doubt Keith and I will take much time this summer off. I'll probably end up adding on days to make long weekends just for the hell of it. My real vacation won't come until October 1. And then again in November (hopefully!) for a week.

4:58 p.m. - 2005-04-04


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