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Being Spontaneous…for real!

What a weird weird day. Let's see it started at about 4:30 am with the singing of the birds outside my window. I'm not a bird person. Never have probably never will be. As I slammed the window shut the little birdies kept right on singing and it was if the window had never been shut.

I then slept fitfully for the next 2 hours. Keith for the first time slept the whole night and didn't get up which was odd. I was wide awake when my alarm went off at 6:50.

Yesterday I again had high ambition of getting things done but ended up sleeping in and then lazing around reading all morning. Keith called around 1 o'clock which is very early for him and we ended up going to the mall and doing some window shopping (and eating) and then hitting the Dairy Queen on the way home (so far this whole April get my butt into gear thing just isn't working out). As we sat there thinking of what to do for the rest of the afternoon we decided on the spur of the moment to go to Niagara Falls. By this time it was around 4pm. We headed to my place, got my jacket and my camera and headed back out the door on our adventure.

It was so much fun. We parked the car for $5 and went up the Skylon tower and viewed the city and then eventually made our way back down and then walked down to the Falls and then walked the strip. We did end up going through the Haunted Frankenstein House which turned out to be funny rather than scary. The guy in the mask had to tell us which way to go (left left) cause we were lost. We did plan on eating at the restaurant we went to last time but neither of us were very hungry by the time we left the city around 8:30.

The way home turned out to be more of an adventure as we took a few wrong turns. But luckily we're very good when we get lost and keep our sense of humor and enjoy the moment rather than get upset. We went through some very windy roads and towns but managed to find our way back to the 401 eventually. We finally arrived home at a few minutes to 11.

As for my weird day I got to work to find my boss was away for the day (yay) at a funeral (not so nice) and at our sister office only one of the 4 employees showed up and she's on modified hours so she's only there till mid morning. Then I looked at the fax that I received as confirmation and it was wrong. Confirmation for what? Oh yah on Monday evening I showed Keith a fax that I got in our office regarding tickets to Mama Mia at a very good price and a free nights stay at a hotel in Collingwood. Being naïve we had no idea where it was but assumed near Toronto. Never assume. Collingwood is not only over 2 hours from us but 2 hours from Toronto. Ah well life's an adventure.

As for the fax it showed that only one ticket was ordered. So I had to call and get them to fix it which the lady did. Now I only have to worry that we'll actually be sitting next to eachother! The lady did say she hadn't sent the order in yet so everything should be okay but I'm going with Murphy's Law. Also as part of the 'deal' we have to do a tour of the resort and they'll try and sell us a membership. Thankfully we have the whole 'saving for a wedding' excuse ready to whip out. Unfortunately they'll now have my address so they'll hound us for the rest of our lives. But it should all be worth it, getting to see Mama Mia again. I'm so excited that this time I'll actually know all the songs! The play is ending in May so I’m also excited that we'll get to see it again. Overall we'll be paying half what I paid for the first time we got a package. Of course we'll probably make up for it in the price of gas with all the travelling we'll be doing!

Oh yah and the other thing that weirded me out this morning was the fact that T said she's gonna move out and is starting to look for apartments. I was hoping her and her fella would work things out but things aren't looking too promising.

The only good thing that came out of my sleeplessness this morning was that I thought of a good anniversary gift for Keith. Even though he said we're not celebrating it I still will. I mean c'mon it will be our last anniversary before the 'wedding one' kicks in. Plus shouldn't we celebrate whenever we get a chance? I think so too!

For some reason I have so many thoughts flitting about my head today. My mom's visit, the upcoming birthday's this month and next. I want to be organized but it's easier said than done for me. But I will end this entry now cause it's a lot longer than I thought it would be!

12:03 p.m. - 2005-04-06


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