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I'm ready for a new body. One that works would be nice.

My stomach is still all out of whack. I hate when I don't know why things do what they do. Is it a bug? Did I eat something bad? Just get better already!

So yesterday after canceling my blood appointment I went over to Keith's after work and we sat around there until almost 6:30 then we headed out to the grocery store - cause planning ahead for dinners just isn't our 'thing'. We made us a couple of nacho dishes - healthy oui? He made his nacho dip and I made nachos with grated cheese, onion and green pepper which goes into the oven for a couple of minutes. I was kind of hungry but not really. I ate but not what I normally would have. Of course I also felt a wee bit nauseous so that's always fun.

I went to bed at 8:30 and read until about 9 when Keith came to bed and then after some foolin' around (cause you're never too sick for that! Plus you know it had been over a week!) we finally turned the lights off around 9:30 or so. At one point I rolled over and kind of gave Keith a tap on the bum - I'm not sure why I just felt like it - but as it turned out it was a good thing cause we both looked at the clock and he was supposed to be at work! His alarm didn't go off at 12:30 like it should have. It was one o'clock. Close call.

I slept good for most of the night and actually woke up not feeling like death. Although my morning pee was the weirdest color I have ever seen it. Too much info I know but Lord it just wasn't right!

My place is a sty. My mom is coming down Thursday afternoon and the deadline is approaching fast. It would, of course, be much easier if I was feeling better! I have mopping to do and I have to scrub my bathroom top to bottom and of course make the living room actually presentable. I started packing on the weekend and actually packed 3 boxes! We even brought them over to Keith's already. But there are boxes all over my living room, most empty but a few half filled - things for a yard sale, a box full of wedding stuff. I'm gonna have to make it all look presentable. It tires me out just thinking about all the work I have to do in the next two days. Tonight I'm gonna try and get most of it done even if it kills me….which it just might!

Well it's lunch time. My stomach is kind of grumbling in it's odd way as of late so I'm gonna try and eat the salad I couldn't yesterday. I did manage some oatmeal for breakfast. Sadly I couldn't stomach a coffee at break time so I actually had a tea instead!


Lunch Results:

Well I finished most of my salad. But like last night I had to stop eating periodically as I would get this 'ill' kind of feeling. I was kind of hungry when I started eating but that feeling went away pretty fast but I preserved and finished my lunch cause I knew I should, not cause I was hungry. It's the oddest feeling and it's so stupid! Go away already! Stupid tummy.

So I've been getting calls from my telephone provider - Sprint. It seems I'm 2 months late in paying my phone bill - oops. Normally with Bell my old provider they would just send me a letter but Sprint must mean business. It's not like I didn't have the money I just kind of forgot. I'm bad for that. Good thing Keith is gonna be the bill payer when we're together. He reminded me that I have to keep my credit good for our future. Guess I'll have to be more careful. Pheh.

I have an appointment with my bank on Thursday. I was gonna cancel but I decided to go through with it. They are going to talk to me about my accounts and come up with ideas to 'save me money'. Basically I want to meet with them so I can vent! They've put me through a lot of BS and it's my turn to let them know what I think of them. I'm probably gonna end up changing banks when all is said and done so Keith and I won't have the hassle of having 2 banks. I've been with my bank since I've been knee high to a grasshopper. My mom opened my first account when I was young and I feel bad about switching banks but I can't stay with a bank that pisses me off every other week - sentimentality can only get you so far.

1:09 p.m. - 2005-04-12


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