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Damn bras!

Well I'm alive and feeling pretty good! My chiro appointment helped a lot. She was cracking left right and centre. Although she didn't look at my foot this time. Keith was giving me the eye to talk to her about it but I'm weird like that. Sometimes if a doctor doesn't bring something up then I won't either…don't ask. If it's still bothering me come May (our next appointment) then I'll ask her to have another look and use her clicker on it.

My stomach problems have all but disappeared. I had a healthy appetite last night which was good cause we had steak on the bbq with baked potatoes and salad. Very de-lish. Afterwards I was stuffed but I had tons of work ahead of me. Keith was a little upset with me cause I wouldn't clean like a normal person: clean the clutter and then mop the floors. I tried explaining to him (in raised voice) that I have too much stuff to clean that way. I have to move everything off the moppable floors, clean them and then start putting things back neatly which usually means making neat piles of things. So basically I don’t see a point in cleaning before the mopping. Trust me it makes sense.

I did get the kitchen floor mopped and the bathroom. Then I scrubbed that bathroom to within an inch of its life - alright I scrubbed it enough that it doesn't gross me out to go in there with my glasses on anymore.

Keith was a sweetheart and cleared some stuff in the living room last night while I slept. So basically after work all I have to do is clean up all the small crap on the living room floor, vacuum, do the dishes and tidy the kitchen up a bit. I filled two more bins of my stuff and brought it to his place this morning (well he did the lifting and moving).

Last night while Keith was cooking dinner I was surfing the net looking at bras. I had stumbled across some websites yesterday at work but since it wasn't the most appropriate place to look at undergarments I continued my looking at his place. I found the perfect bra for me. Alas it was not in my size! Bugger! I figure if I get down to a 38DD (from a 40DDD) I could buy the bra. We'll see if that happens but it would be totally awesome. I guess my bacon and cheese sandwich for breakfast wasn't such a good idea after all! I haven't been to the gym since last Thursday and Friday. It doesn't look like I'll get to the gym till probably next Monday either since tonight is swimming and then it looks like I'll have company till Sunday. Le sigh. April is definitely not turning out to be the 'kick butt' month that I was hoping for. I can only pray I'm not getting any bigger!

So tomorrow's pay is supposed to be the one with our raise in it. We negotiated a new contract and part of that was a raise. I just looked at my pay stub and I now get $20 more every two weeks. Woo - windfall. Whatever shall I do with ALL that money? Oh well guess I shouldn't kick a gift horse in the mouth eh? Although, really is it a gift? I work hard for the damn money! Well maybe not all that hard BUT I do put up with LOT of BS!

I just had my lunch - a leftover porkchop and rice (Keith made me take it cause he didn't want the food to go to waste even though I made my chicken for the week to take with my salads!) Anyway I ate the rice sans soya sauce. I got desperate and finally poured a little italian dressing on it. It worked. Nothing to write home about but it put some life into the rice!

And…..well…that's about it! Over and out.

4:55 p.m. - 2005-04-13


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