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Dedicated to all the Office Bitches out there - just like me.

This portion of the entry is for all the office workers out there, since I am after all a member of the Office Bitch diaryring. So, you know when you 'gotta go'…you know to the washroom and it's a stall type set up. Well I hate hate hate when you're in the middle of 'you know' and someone comes in. Alright so you wait them out while they have their little pee - cursing them out in your mind all the while. Then…then they finish….wash their hands…all the while aware there's someone in the stall sitting there waiting for them to get out….and then…this is good, they open up their purse and proceed to put on make up! WTF? Get out already!

So you wait them out and just as they are done another person walks in. Obviously this alone time is not going to happen. You curse your bowels and proceed to get the hell out of there cause by the sounds in the stall beside you this new person is waiting you out! What's a person to do? Well if you're me, you leave the person to it, pretend to look busy with other things outside of the washroom door, wait till that person comes out then you hurry like hell back in there to finish your business in a timely manner!

I love working in an office! Who needs privacy?!

Alright so now that I have that out of my system (heh literally) I can continue on with the mundane goings on in my life - cause isn't it all mundane after those paragraphs above!

The other day Keith and I met with the husband and wife combo who are doing our invitations. We chose 2 from the stock and she is going to design one for us with Fall colors. For 40 invitations, 40 rsvp cards and 50 thank you notes all with cards the cost is going to be between $115 - $135 depending on which one we go with. Pretty sweet. She's supposed to send me some stuff in the next week or so and then we'll make the final decision.

So work lately has been insane. People are cracking all over the place - mentally. Just a lot of BS going on. Oh and this is so ironic but they changed the name of our whole department from "Admin Services" to "Business Services". Yah, you guessed it, the whole department is now the BS department - how fitting. Lord but the higher up people are just plain stupid. Must have something to do with losing your brain cells once you go higher than manager in this organization. Harsh but true!

Let's see what else is new? The planning of my future sister in law's shower is not going so swimmingly. Frankly it's one big pile of dog do. We can't decide on a weekend cause it all hinges when she will be back down visiting her hometown - she lives and works 3 hours away. So then I got kind of fed up with this whole thing and told my brother that SHE should be contacting us (her bridal party) to get us there to try on the dresses! Then we know she'll be down that weekend AND we can plan a surprise shower! Jeez - why do the easiest things seem so complicated?! I emailed my brother a while ago and told him just to call me at work, this email nonsense only takes you so far.

It's raining/snowing out right now. Lovely. I'm running out at lunch to get the old eyebrows waxed. A pain filled lunch - wee!

T and I went swimming last night. After 5 minutes in the swirlpool everyone had to get out cause some little bastard pinched a log out and the staff had to clean up his do-do and re-shock the pool. Can you tell I wasn't too impressed?

This weekend is our Collingwood weekend. I’m trying to plan out an itinerary for our trip and I'm starting to wonder if we'll get any time to "explore and enjoy all the amenities of the Spa Resort". We'll only have time for travelling, sleeping and touring the place. Nice.

So I decided that for the month of May I'm just not gonna care about the balance of my account. I’m gonna go under and I will have to pay service charges. I'll deal. I just have to face it's gonna be an expensive month. Face it and move on.

Well that's all the bitching I have time for right now. Must go and actually do some work - cause we are down 3 people and another is only here till 1:30 - fun times. At least the boss isn't in today!

Office Bitch signing off yo.

12:10 p.m. - 2005-04-28


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