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waxing a heartburn?

Today has been hell-a-busy! I’m at reception all day so it’s been the end of the month nonsense (54 clients and counting!)

I think I have heartburn. I had sushi for lunch. Who knew sushi would give you heartburn?

I got a tickle in my throat and can’t stop coughing – I’m sure the 2 are unrelated.

Now I’m eating some low fat ranch flavour rice cake things. I doubt it’s gonna cure the heartburn, but maybe the coughing.

My eyebrows are giving me grief – or I should say the spots where my eyebrows used to be. I’m used to them being red on the day I get them done but they’re still red today and I think I’m starting to show some bumps. The woman who ripped the hair out of my face with hot wax wasn’t the most compassionate human being. Usually after the immediate ripping out of hair the ‘waxer’ puts a finger over the brow to soothe it and this simple gesture actually makes a difference – not this lady – she would just push on keep on ripping that hair from the face. So now I went out and bought some cream at break time to ‘soothe my tender red skin’. I gotta look good for Abba this weekend!

I also went out at lunch and stood in 2 bank lines – extremely long bank lines – all to get the cash into our ‘wedding fund’. I will not think about my bank balance for the month of May. I will not.

So my future s.i.l. finally emailed me. Basically I’m not any closer to planning this shower! I have to wait till she gets her schedule and she’ll email us back. Although in her email she said how it would be cool if just her and I hung out for the day when I came up to try on my dress – now I’m going to sound like I don’t want to have any one-on-one action cause of the whole shower thing. It probably would have been cool with just her and I since we’ve never done that before and we are going to be ‘family’ in less than 2 months time.

I find it kind of interesting that both the sil’s asked me to be in their weddings and I didn’t ask either of them. If I think about it too much I start to feel guilty – so I’ll stop.

So Survivor last night – man that stupid Bush and his ‘live breaking news or whatever shit that was’ was annoying! Delay my Survivor by an hour! Thus delaying my sleep for an hour. Although on a funny note, our friend T hadn’t been gone more than 5 minutes and Keith and I were in bed doing the deed. Weird but funny. You would think we’re teenagers some days! Enjoy it while we can.

So I made it to the gym last night – big pat on the back for me! I’m also gonna try and go tonight which hasn’t happened in a long time – 2 nights in a row!

4:38 p.m. - 2005-04-29


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