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Yah...I can be sappy.

2 years ago this month I met a guy. A really nice guy. He was sweet, charming…and cute!

I nearly ruined it by doing stupid things (I was barely over a broken heart) but still if he had been like most guys he would have run the other way and we wouldn’t be where we are today. 4 months and 19 days away from getting married.

At lunch I was browsing through my diary and I was reading about those tumultuous times. It made me see how far I’ve come…we’ve come.

Enough sappiness!

So this week has been hectic. I’ve been planning a bridal shower. For this weekend. That’s 6 days from start to finish. It’s a whirlwind. There’s a team of us, the groom (my brother), my mom and the maid of honour who lives no where near any of us. A lot of emails flying. I’m hoping the bride still has no idea. We came up with a good cover story of how we can be back at my parent’s place at the appointed time to yell “surprise”. The bridal shop was to tell the bride that she could only fit us in for a fitting in the early afternoon. Except when the bride called to make an appointment the assistant (young co-op girl) told her an appointment was already made. D’oh. I’m hoping my brother covered enough that she still doesn’t suspect but we’ll see.

Tonight I’m heading over to buy some gifts and some supplies for the games we’ll be playing. Yah, that’s right – games – I know most people hate them but I don’t care damn it they’re part of the whole experience!

(my hand is killing me I’m typing on one of the keyboards that are small and smush all my fingers together).

So I don’t think I ever mentioned the ending to the Collingwood saga. Mamma Mia was definitely sold out so our contact told us to think about other ideas. Keith and I settled on a play at the Stratford Festival. We ran it by the contact, he agreed and bought the tickets. The only catch? He gave me a confirmation number rather than send the tickets since it’s so close to the show (20th). *shudder* confirmation numbers mean squat – at least that’s what the Collingwood experience taught me! So needless to say I have to make a call to the Festival ticket office and actually confirm it myself.

The best part? My credit card was charged for this whole fiasco and my contact is taking his sweet ass time looking it over and getting back to me. I swear if I have to pay one pretty penny for this whole f*ck up heads are gonna roll!

Last night I dragged T with me to see Monster in Law. We got there only to find out it wasn't playing. Story of my life right? Well as it turns out the whole area was in the dark - power outage - so know one saw the movie! At least we can use the pass for whenever now.

Well it's time to get the heck out of here.

Have a good weekend!

4:59 p.m. - 2005-05-12


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