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One event down...a trillion to go

I spent the first hour and a bit responding to emails this morning, non-work related emails. Is that bad?

It's like I'm on hyper speed these days - at least brain wise. I keep jumping to one event to another in my head and it's getting to be a vicious circle. Whenever I accomplish one (ie my sil's bridal shower) it gets replaced by something else (camping this weekend). I continue to write list after list of things that need to get done but it seems to help very little as I keep losing the lists when I need them.

I need to relax. To look at me most people wouldn't guess that I'm as tightly wound as I am. I guess that's the secret.

I just noticed that while Iím on phones (which I am right now) I tend to wring my hands. Not in an anxious way but I sort of rub them together while I talk. I think I do this a lot. I don't know what that means. Huh.

So the past weekend was a success. The bridal shower is done and over with. It was a total surprise. Pretty much all invited showed up, the games were fun, everyone loved the prizes and the food was good. The bride loved all of her presents and was touched that we threw her a shower as she wasn't expecting another one (the church threw her one a few weeks back).

Yesterday we decided to go camping this weekend - the long weekend. Yes, we do like to leave things till the last minute. Our first choice for camping was booked solid but our second choice had spots left. I faxed over all the info after work yesterday and then last night realized that I put the wrong dates on the fax. D'oh. I called right away and they were going to put a note on the file for the person inputting the reservation. Stressed much?

The dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress went pretty good. I'm not in love with the dress but I don't look hideous. They did have to take in my top (boobs never fit right) and they also had to take in my skirt a bit (that one I was happy about). I donít anticipate losing anymore weight before the wedding. I would like to but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. I had high hopes for working out this week. Yesterday I was way too tired as I didn't sleep well the night before plus staying at work till 5:30 would have put me eating dinner, watching the taped Survivor and then the Everybody Loves Raymond series finale in bed way too late. Okay that wasn't very valid, except for the lack of sleep part. Tonight we're going to the movies, again not very valid, but Keith has been wanting to see this movie for a while and I was delaying it cause I hadn't finished reading the book, plus movie popcorn! Tomorrow is swimming which is technically exercise. Then Thursday will be shopping and packing for the camping trip as Friday we're heading up to Stratford to see Into the Woods. And of course Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are write off's. Camping and hopefully a trip to Wonderland will take care of those days. Le sigh. As long as I don't gain weight I guess!

I finally got all of the stuff with Club Cranberry sorted out. We're getting comp'd for everything and free tickets for the performance on Friday. It was a long time coming and I don't feel like we took advantage of them. I actually feel this is justified after everything we were put through.

And a funny (idiotic) story to end this entry. I had been emailing my friend S like mad regarding last weekend and hadn't had any responses from her. I must tell you I was getting a little peeved and feeling a little dissed. As it turns out, I had been emailing her at her old email address. Funny eh? Yah I felt like a tard.

5:04 p.m. - 2005-05-17


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