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9 hours of sleep is a good thing.

I have a chiro appointment tonight before I hit the highway and head on down to my parents. I wouldn't cancel this appointment for anything. My neck is killing me. I keep rotating my head trying to crack it to get some relief.

I went to bed last night at 8:30. Seriously. I was one tired girl. Plus I had a splitting headache that even extra strength tylenol couldn't get rid of. So I put a cold cloth on my head, got in bed, cuddled with my guy and went off into dreamland. I don't even think I woke up when he left to go to work. I slept straight through till 6am when my body decided it would like to get up. I felt much better and had a clearer head. I had been all worried about the window situation and didn't know how I was going to find time to get it replaced, call the insurance, get to and from the garage etc.

This morning after showering and dressing I packed a bag for my 2 night trip, cleaned up my room a little and packed my lunch. Then I sat and watched tv while waiting for the clock to reach 7:40 so I could head to the garage. They opened at 8am and were thankfully able to fit my car in today. I was left without wheels so I walked to the nearest strip mall, took money out of the bank machine and called myself a cab. I got to work only half an hour late. Once at work I called my insurance agent to ask about my deductible (300 smackers) and to find out if my insurance would go up if I put a claim through - she said it wouldn't. It better not!

A co-worker had generously offered to take me to my car when it's ready. I was supposed to pick it up at 5 but I called and it is going to be ready sooner so we're going to go and pick it up around 2pm. All it will cost me is a slushy - cheaper than a cab ride!

I find it really hard to reach out and ask people for favours. I'll help someone in a heartbeat but I find it hard to do the asking.

I also have to remember to pick my mom up some bread before I leave at the bread outlet centre. Good times.

The next few weekends are looking damn busy for me. The first weekend of June I'm going back to my parents to see my brother in a play. The weekend after my future sil is coming down for an impromptu bachlorette party (her moh doesn't have a free weekend). The weekend after that should be free but it's also the week before my brother's wedding so you never know. I'm hoping July and August are going to be much less busy. July I'm supposed to be getting my wedding dress to try on.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll have made it to the gym at least once before then!

There's a lot to be said for routines. I miss mine. Here's to routines!

4:53 p.m. - 2005-05-26


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