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Finally...the May 2-4 revisited!

The Long weekend revisited.

Finally I have time to record my going-ons from the long weekend. This is basically for my own records. So when I try to remember a year from now what I did I can just look back and voila!

We started the long weekend with a car ride to Stratford to see Into the Woods. The play was okay although the intermission seemed like the end of the play and we weren't the only ones to think this way either. Although we didn't make the same mistake as last year and actually leave half way through the play. The family with the young children sitting in front of us were kind of annoying. And sitting in the nosebleed section of the theatre wasn't the funnest (courteousy of the Cranberry club of course)!

Saturday morning Keith slept for a few hours at his place while I organized everything I could from my end. We ended up forgetting a lot of the groceries and a few other things but we were rushed so that was our excuse. The campsite at Kelso turned out to be awesome. The site was huge! It could fit up to 20 people. They seemed to forget to charge us the $6 per person/per night that their website stated but that was okay by us! The wood was a big rip off. $6 a bag but the bag was only half full! T's guy ended up sneaking in tons of wood for us to use. On Saturday after we set up camp we made several trips into town (yah to get all the stuff we forgot!). The first night we were pooped so bed was around 11.

Sunday morn we were up nice and early. After I slathered some sunscreen on myself, T (and her dog), Keith and myself went for a walk around the park. We ended up walking up the mountain to the look out. As I was wearing sandals I was obviously not prepared for this. It was quite the hike but very fun. We were all suffering from muscle pains by nights end. After the hike we got back to the site had some lunch then went back down to the boat rental area (we drove!) and we took turns going out on the canoe since there was a no dogs in the boat policy. I got to steer when I was with T and I did a dandy job if I do say so myself. After that we went back to camp (after stopping for ice and more munchies) then we let the drinking begin. I was drinking captain morgan and cranberry juice which kind of tasted like ass but was still drinkable. Although when I was mixing capt morgan, cran juice and pineapple juice that totally rocked. Dinner that night was a LOT of shrimp. Keith was on a mission that night. I maybe had too much shrimp cause I don't even think I got a buzz from all the booze I drank. Which is okay by me cause booze and tents don't mix at least for me.

Monday morning was overcast but the rain stayed away while we packed up all our gear and burned all the firewood we had left (we had to cause it was obviously 'outside wood' and that was a no no). We made it home around 11 and had a shower and then a nap. Being as it was my boy's birthday he got pampered some and then when he requested to go see Star Wars I could not deny him. We headed off to the theatre and got in line half an hour before the movie started which was a good thing cause the show got sold out (opening weekend and all). But we got excellent seats. After the movie we stopped off at a convenience store where I purchased very expensive icing and cream cheese (to mix together) to place atop the cake I had baked for him earlier. (Cute insert here - after all that trouble to make him the perfect cake - we only had one piece each and the cake got thrown out cause it sat on my counter for about a week - sad huh?)

On Tuesday we got up bright and early (ugh!) and headed off to Wonderland. We got our season pass pictures taken (very grainy) and proceeded to go on 7 major rides in one hour. Insane. After that we had to take a rest and went out to the car to eat lunch and relax for a bit. Even after the relaxing my belly wasn't having any of it and was refusing to go on rides. So we ended up heading into Kiddy land (as practice when we have one of our own!). But we did find some cool rides there and even went on one - the mini top gun ride which doesn't shake the crap out of you! We also watched a 3d Sponge Bob movie (a couple minutes long). After that we went on one more ride - the new one for the season - the Italian Stunt Job. The line up was long but not insane. The ride was okay. Nothing spectacular but I would do it again - unlike the craptastic tomb raider joke of a ride.

After our funfilled Wonderland day we headed home with some rush hour traffic. Keith ended having an afternoon nap which I finally had to wake him up around 8 to go get us some dinner (pizza!) since I had to work the next day and couldn't wait till 10 o'clock that night to eat!

There you have it the Long Weekend O'Fun.

Next time I've gotta write these entries right away cause it was tough remembering parts of it! Good ol' temporary memory.

5:03 p.m. - 2005-06-03


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