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Moving and swimming

Getting ready for moving day. My work one. My cube is moving. Not far just down aways. Theoretically I'm supposed to be getting the sweet spot - corner window spot. But I'm trying not to get my hopes up, this place has a way of puncturing that little tiny balloon of hope with a big ol' nasty rusty thumbnail!

I'm a little nervous about what the area will look like. Me and 4 co-workers are moving into our 'business area'. I'm really hoping I don't lose my privacy. The spot I'm in right now is pretty sweet. I usually hear if someone is coming and I'm hidden in a corner - others aren't so lucky right now. Their every move can be watched. I'm anti-social in the sense that I like to eat lunch at my desk while I surf the internet. I donít want to give that up. I guess I'll hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

I've already started taking down the pictures I have in my cube and it's looking bare. The move is supposed to happen over the weekend. I hope they don't push it back a week as I'm off the Monday after (27th) and I really want to be here the first day we're moved.


Well about an hour has passed and I've been slowly cleaning up paperwork on my desk. It has come to my attention that I'm not a very organized person. I thought I was okay work wise but now after sorting through just a bit of the crap on my desk I have realized that no, I am not an organized person. Most people will not be surprised about this. Sigh.

I took yet another step today in severing ties with my bank, while I was in my new bank to be I inquired about the easy switch and received a card in which I am to call and set up an appointment. I was in the bank putting money into our joint account. It wasn't the whole $500 as money's a wee bit tight this month (as it has been for the last few now!).

Well it's just about time to switch shirts (a tank top to walk home in since it's still damn hot out there). I'm hoping that my boy may be out there with my car and cool cool air conditioning but I'm kind of doubting it cause he had some running around to do. I just have to remember to walk to his place and not mine as that's where we're meeting up. We're supposed to be heading over to T's tonight where I can *finally* go swimming! I offered to bring over some hot dogs along with the left over buns and have us a bbq. The weather is supposed to take a turn this weekend and drop quite a bit, so I gotta get in some sweet swim time now! I should bring over the lounger type pool thingy I bought 2 summers ago and have yet to use!

Those thunderstorms better hold off!

4:57 p.m. - 2005-06-14


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