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My little brother is all grown up

I feel kind of ill for two reasons. I just looked at my bank account - I was paid last night but you would never know it. That's how low my account is! The last time I paid bills was in early May so I guess the bill collectors thought I should have been paying in early June now they're hounding my ass! The scary/sick thing is this check now is supposed to cover my rent - gulp. I think I may be in trouble. I haven't been this tight with money in a very long time. It doesn't feel good - at all.

The second reason I feel ill is that I just called to set up an appointment to make the bank switch, next Tuesday is my appointment. Damn this sentimentality of mine! Release and let go. Deep breath.

Enough about money problems. I got a wedding this weekend to concentrate on damnit!

I hmmed and hawed about making a chiro appointment since technically my upper back isn't really complaining today but I knew that if I skipped this opportunity my back would be a bitch over the weekend and totally screw me over! But right after this chiro appointment I am so going to gather all those receipts I've been hoarding for the last while and send them in to get reimbursed. That should be a cool 100 smackers coming my way when I desperately need it! (See how everything leads back to money!).

Last night I saved $3.50 by going swimming at T's rather than the Rec centre. The water was fricking freezing! I didn't get feeling back in my feet for over an hour!

So much for my tanning plan at lunch time today. I made the chiro appointment for 2:15 so I'm gonna take my lunch at 2. No sweet sun for me. It was either that or after work and while that would have been okay then I wouldn't have been able to go to the gym and since Iím actually motivated to go right now I can't jeopardize it.

I had such an urge to start putting together my packing boxes this morning and begin to clean my closet out but since I was running late I had to discourage the urge. I'm pms'ing at the moment so the urge to clean and organize is quite strong. Let's hope it carries over till Monday when I have the day off.

I have this nagging feeling that I have a dental appointment really soon. Of course I don't have that little card to look at so I'll just wait for the call to inform me that I have one. I really gotta keep track of these things better.

I bought a huge bottle of champagne last night (the cheap kind of course). I'm hoping to make mimosa's for the bride to be Saturday morning.

I can't believe my little brother is getting married in 2 days!!!!! I sense some tears will be shed while I stand up there and watch the annoying little brother who wanted to always hang out with his big sister, big brother and all their friends and would do anything including being our personal servant to fetch us drinks and snacks. The little brother who I would boss around and would eventually hand him over my paper route to do while keeping 90% of the profit for myself. The little brother that I would make cry by pretending to be 'dead' while he would cry and beg me to wake up (yes I was a very cruel sister sometimes). The little brother that would come to me with a problem before he went to our parents (like the time he went into a ditch with the car and broke a headlight). I told him our parents would be okay if he told them the truth they would just be glad he was okay (I was right). The little brother who years later would be my rock when the world dropped out from under me when a guy (his best friend at the time) broke my heart. He hung out with his sad sister, tried to cheer her up with jokes and laughter and would hug her with his bear like hug (he's a big guy) when he comforted me. We've always been close but those years he lived in the same town as me brought us that much closer. And 2 days from now I will be standing up at the front of the church with a good view of my little brother's face as he marries his best friend.

Whew. That was a tad over emotional for me. My new cube allows for no privacy and of course I had to write this entry when everyone got back from lunch! I'm trying to sniffle quietly and wipe away the tears before they fall very far.

Sometimes it just hits you how much family really means.

Memo to self: pack lots of kleenex for the weekend - you'll need it!

4:59 p.m. - 2005-06-23


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