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The wedding entry.

Itís been a while! Last week was insanely busy at work thus the lack of an update of any kind. This week is still too early to tell how itís going to be but at least for today it should be okay since Iím at reception for the whole day.

Letís start with the Wedding Update shall we!

My younger brotherís wedding went off without a hitch. It was insanely hot (high 30ís) for the whole weekend. But luckily I stayed at a B&B with air conditioningÖ.sweet sweet air con. Keith and I showed up around 3 oíclock or so Ė just in time to watch everyone rap up decorating the reception hall (good timing!). We melted in the church for the rehearsal and each time my dad said, ďLetís do that one more timeĒ there was more than one or two groans. All in all we only had to rehearse 4 times. Again my dad did the vows at the rehearsal which I definitely do not want to do. Although my brother and new sil did add on to the vows with their own. The bride wasnít too bad the night before the wedding. We stayed up until about 1 oíclock and then hit the sheets (me and the moh shared a bed). The day of the wedding the weather was amazing. Not a cloud in the sky. The temp was high but at least no thunderstorms! The actual ceremony went off without a hitch. As predicted I was facing my brother and when he started to tear up off I went! Then I looked at my older brother who was behind him and he started crying! A bunch of cry babies we are! Afterwards tons of pictures were taken at my parents place. The ones we took turned out great so the photographerís should too. After that we boogied it over to the reception hall and made our grand entrance. We had a delicious meal Ė roastbeef dinner with all the fixinís. It was served homestyle so we served ourselves. The desert was a strawberry shortcake. The speeches went well. My older brother was so nervous (just like me when I have to give speeches!). The night went by super fast. I only had one drink the whole night but I boogied my butt off! The next day someone made a comment to me about how it was obvious I had a good time and how much I must have drunk Ė I shocked them when I told them I was stone cold sober!

The only Ďdramaí of the night if you want to call it that was when J (who came to the reception drunk) kept hitting on all the women including the bride! When I called him an ass for hitting on T (I didnít know about the bride then) he got upset and said that he had only been kidding and he couldnít believe I thought so bad of him and then he began to cry! Yah he did a lot of crying that night. Then he proceeded to apologize to me many many times throughout the night about how he had hurt me. You gotta love drunk exís. Keith was mercifully tired so he wasnít paying too much attention to J even when J came up to us outside the hall during a breather and started talking to Keith and apologizing to him. Besides that drama all went well.

The next morning we headed over to my parents place (T took the place of the bride and slept over at the B&B with me) to watch the newlyweds open their gifts and the tons of money they received. We didnít get away till almost 5 and didnít get home till around 8:00. But my baby brother is married and I hope they have a long and harmonious life together (thatís what I wrote on their card since they both love to sing). Of course they also break out in song when they are anywhere. Itís cute now but in the beginning it kind of creeped me out.

I just spoke to my mom not half an hour ago and found out that the bride is in the hospital. Apparently she dove down to rescue my brotherís wedding band in the lake and came up with an excruciating headache. After one trip to the hospital they went back and she was admitted. I feel so bad for them. To have this stuff happen on their honeymoon just isnít right.

Maybe tomorrow Iíll update how my long weekend went! Maybe.

3:57 p.m. - 2005-07-04


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