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Feeling Better

Well I'm feeling a lot less emotional today which is a good thing. I haven't spoken to my mom yet to get the latest update but I'm going by the saying, 'no news is good news'.

Iím slowly getting myself back into the wedding swing. It's hard when I put everything on hold (trust me I didn't mind) while focusing on my brother's. But now that his is over everyone keeps asking me how my plans are going. I keep wanting to answer back with , "Plans? What plans?". But they probably wouldn't get it, so I just nod my head and say, "good, good". I try not to go into anymore detail than that.

But basically I am playing the waiting game. Waiting for my dress to come in, the bridal party dresses to come in. August is probably when I'm gonna have to step it up a notch and start dealing with photographers and dj's. It actually makes my head spin a little when I think of all those future details so I'm not gonna think about it right now.

Yesterday Keith luckily remembered we had a chiro appointment after work. I had a quick half-hour work out at the gym and then we headed off to our back cracking appointment. Afterwards we headed back to his place for a delicious meal of ribs. Mmmm. I was a good girl and cut my portion in half (it was a whole rack!) and left half for tonight's dinner. Normally it's my swim night with T but the weather is on the cool side and she's got plans. I don't mind doing my own thing in fact I enjoy it. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do once Keith and I live together - no more on my own time.

I have a crap load of boxes in my apartment waiting to be taped up and filled with my junk. That sight greets me everytime I walk in my apartment. I will have to bight the bullet and start actually doing this someday. Someday.

So my long weekend felt very long. Which was a good thing. Thursday night Keith and I went out for wings (mmmm it had been a while). We tried drinking afterwards but were pretty full. Keith did make us a drink consisting of Vodka, pomegranate liqueur and a chocolate liqueur. Quite the punch it packed. We only had one and even then it took us forever to drink it. Boredom brought out Monopoly which for one of the first times ever I beat him! We even had rewards for the winner - me a backrub and him involving part of his body and my mouth. Maybe it was the motivation of a backrub but I beat him good. He even came through on his end of the bargain and gave me a great backrub - not that I wouldn't have come through - not at all.

Friday Keith slept since he had to work that night while I headed over to T's and sunbathed and swam in her pool for the afternoon. That night we headed down to see the fireworks. It had been pretty windy all day so we were unsure whether they would actually have them. We took our chances and went anyway. We sat for almost an hour waiting while the night got cooler and we got colder. Finally at 10:45 they started shooting them off. I love fireworks - a lot!

We made it home in pretty good time considering the amount of people. Unlike last time when we thought we were taking a short cut and waited over an hour in a line up. We learned from our mistake.

Saturday I again headed to T's while Keith slept and we followed the same routine as the day before. This time we had plans for the evening - helping T's mom move. She only had a few pieces of large furniture cause she had moved all the rest of her stuff on her own (you know what I'm technically supposed to be doing!).

After the move she fed us pizza and then we decided to head back to T's to drink. We sat outside drinking and shooting the breeze for a few hours and finally around 1am we headed off to bed.

Can you guess what we did Sunday? That's right sunbathed and swam! This time Keith joined in the fun and paid the price. He's a burnt boy. I do feel bad for him but I had offered him my sunblock several times during the day which he declined. I'm not saying it served him right, but can he just listen to me next time? Men.

We finally headed home around 7 that evening after playing a few games of Trouble (on a German board of course). T beat us the first 2 rounds and then I finally beat her on the 3rd. It's an addictive game I tell ya. Fun but addictive.

And that was our long weekend. Nothing fancy. No going out of town or any major plans but it was probably one of the best long weekends I've had in a while. No pressure of having to be somewhere, no headaches in trying to make plans to go away.

This Saturday T booked us an appointment at a salon. I'm supposed to get my hair cut. I'm having mixed emotions. Part of me wants to try something different and the other is just plain chicken. When I have my hair up or back in a pony tail I like my hair. But when I put it down I find it just 'hangs' with no style. But I have to do it now while I have almost 3 months time before the wedding. Gotta take chances.

My friend Paul moved into my building this week. Keith isn't all that thrilled since Paul and I 'dated' according to him. Of course the truth is we did meet on the singles sight and did meet up - once. We met up at the gym had lunch and took a walk in the park. Immediately I knew there was no connection whatsoever. If he hadn't told me about all the girls that ditched him constantly I might have done the same. Instead I used the old line about wanting to be friends right now and not being ready for anything more. Of course I was in the middle of making plans to meet Keith but I didn't want to hurt the guy! Paul did give me a quick peck on the lips when I dropped him off at his place afterwards. I wanted to scrub my lips as I drove away. Yah so suffice to say Keith has nothing to worry about. In fact I think him and Paul have a lot in common as far as interests go. But Keith won't hear any of that. He was supposed to be napping on Monday night but when I got home from the gym and visiting Paul for the first time he was waiting up for me. My goal is to get those two in a room together and make them start talking about guy stuff in hopes that they will bond. It's a long shot but there you have it.

Oh yah I almost forgot to mention - Paul may be my downfall when it comes to my sweet free cable. Apparently he has Rogers coming in next Tuesday to connect him and once they're down they may notice that I am connected and not paying. Keith pointed this out to me. And of course it would be pointless to get cable for less than 3 months so I may be without my sweet sweet tv. *Sob

4:12 p.m. - 2005-07-06


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