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Hair(y) no more

The week is almost over and I have yet to update Ė my bad.

So, the hair. I did it. I got it all chopped off on Saturday. T and I went to a real salon as opposed to the cheapest place around. It was actually a good price. $30 for a shampoo, cut and style. It was one of those Ďcoolí salons with all the hip, young thangs working there. But they were all extremely nice. The girl who cut my hair was nice and kept asking if I was okay. At the very beginning after we discussed what I would like done (I basically left it up to her since I had no idea), she started to try and brush the tangles from the bottom of my hair and then said screw it and cut the first few inches free style. Pretty cool.

Itís taking me a while to get used to it. Somedays I like it more than others. Itís very Ďfree styleí and does itís own thing. Someday Iím gonna get me an upgrade to this diary and post pictures. Iím a picture whore. Either looking at or taking. I just love pictures.

By the way Ė today is a good hair day Ė in case you were wondering!

Anyway besides the hair cutting the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. We saw War of the Worlds on Saturday eve. Not a bad movie. Made me jump a lot but then most movies do. Iím probably the only person around who still jumps during suspenseful movies.

On Tuesday I called in sick to work. Which wasnít totally a lie cause Monday afternoon I started getting weird stomach pains and I had a few issues down there (we figured it was something I ate). So really I wasnít lying too much when I called in Tuesday morning. Of course after napping for a few more hours I got up, waited for Keith to sleep a couple more hours then we took off to Wonderland for the day. We spent the majority of the day in the water park. It was high 30ís with the humidex. We slathered on that sunscreen all day so neither of us burned. It was a great day but by the time we went to bed I was still radiating heat so getting to sleep was quite the drag.

Last night I went swimming over at Tís. I was bad cause I was supposed to pick up Keith around 8 or 9 but I didnít get to his place till almost 10. It was one of those situations where after T and I swam I should have left but I didnít want it to look like I was there for her pool and not her Ė very rude. So I stayed for a bit and relaxed and then headed over to Keithís. Last night I was the opposite of the night before Ė I went to bed and I was cold cause of the swimming. I definitely prefer being too cold rather than too warm!

So Iím starting to get a little Ďfreakedí about the wedding plans. It suddenly hit me last night Ė 2 Ĺ months! Thatís wild. Thereís so many little things to do. The first is getting the invites addressed. Not a huge task but itís the obtaining of the addresses thatís gonna take the most work. Deep breath.

We had a potluck at the office today. All 115 people. I am so stuffed. Seriously stuffed. I donít think I made a pig of myself but ya never know. I find I am eating smaller meals but Iím eating more often. I canít quite tell if thatís working in my favour yet.

Speaking of working. Iíve been working out a lot lately. Weddings are definitely good motivators, too bad I didnít get motivated 6 months ago!

After work Iím getting a massage. I so need one. Iím always tense anyway in the neck and shoulder area but on the weekend I must have been a wee bit stressed out about the whole hair cut thing. T and I showed up at the wrong salon (the same name just different location) then when I was turning to check something I felt something go Ďpingí and I know itís not chiro oriented so I guess thatís good. Itís slowly starting to feel better but some good rubbing is definitely gonna make the difference. At the salon I took 2 robaxacet to help the pain. Nothing like looking like youíre in pain while getting your hair cut!

Well thatís about all for now. Just a quick update. Iím typing on the Ďsmallí keyboard that hurts my fingers after awhile so I best cut it short. I would type on mine but itís so damn loud and now that weíve moved our cubes everyone can hear me clacking away and then they all make a comment. Fun times in cubeland!

1:59 p.m. - 2005-07-14


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