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Pity party for one?

How not to start off a Monday: Step on the scale. Yah I don't know why I did it either. I don't know why I just can't go by 'how the clothes feel' and 'how I feel'. Why do I need the validation of the scale? Why damn it?

Obviously the numbers weren't in my favour or that whole paragraph above would be different.

It doesn't help that I ate like a pig all weekend. Chips, chocolate, eating out many times. Add to that no gym and I guess the verdict wasn't surprising. But damn it all I had worked out ALL last week. I ate healthy (most of the time). Oh the inhumanity of it all.

Yah I'm feeling over dramatic - what of it?

I spent most of the weekend cooped up in my apartment. Two reasons: air conditioning and non stop rain (with the never ending excessive heat). There was not much point of going outside cause it was always muggy and the rain would start and stop without any rhyme or reason. So I lazed around as much as I could until the guilt would start to eat away at me and I would appease it for a while by packing a few boxes. I actually did a pretty good job all things considered. I packed about 3 or 4 boxes, took down one of my wooden shelves and then actually moved some of those said boxes and most of the wooden shelf over to Keith's all by my lonesome. I broke a sweat the moment I stepped out of the door to my apartment and I was soaked by the time I was done. I treated myself to some shopping afterwards (dripping sweat and all I'm not proud). Although sadly I bought practical stuff except for the $9 pair of sunglasses that I liked.

I awoke this morning with sore arms and it took me a while to remember why since I didn't go to the gym all weekend. It wasn't so much the carrying part that made my muscles all 'ow-y' it was the part of juggling the boxes in my arms while trying to open and close doors.

Have you ever had so much to do that you didn't know where to start? That's how I'm feeling with the wedding plans plus my moving plans. I get overwhelmed when I think of all the things I have to do then I pickup a book and escape for a while. Not the best plan. Back to making lists I believe. I really should look into getting a passport which I will need my health card for, which I will have to go and renew which should have been done 6 months ago.

Then there's the whole 'easy switch' crap with my 'new' bank that's going on right now. Easy switch my ass. They have done squat - oh wait I think they did a piddly few changes for me but really it is so NOT an easy switch as they advertise. I should sue their asses.

I haven't been on my WW site in forever. It's nice to know Iím paying for nothing. I suck.

The last two days of work last week were quite dramatic. My boss totally pissed us all off and we blamed a co-worker who had gabbed to her before our meeting. But then Friday while the boss was off we all talked over what happened and we're back to putting all the blame on the boss. I can't believe I have a wedding to plan, a move to do and now a fight to get into at work. Stress anyone?

And since Iím on a bit of a rant right now (a bit?) my hair is pissing me off too. I miss throwing it up in a ponytail whenever it began to annoy me. Now I'll put it up - barely - and within minutes it's falling around my face.

What's that you say? There are people way worse off than me? Are you sure? Huh. Okay I'll end this bitchy/pissy rant now.

1:00 p.m. - 2005-07-18


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