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So I donít know if Iím getting sassier in my old age or if Iím letting the stress get to me. Probably a little of both. I seem to be shooting my mouth off at people left, right and centre today. Normally I back down but not today sister, Iím on a rampage. I thought I was going to rip the girls head off at Wendyís. I drove across town to get my oil changed and since I didnít make a lunch I decided to grab some take out and eat while I waited for my car to get done. Simple enough. So I tried ordering my meal but the girl kept interrupting I think I finally yelled ďHEYĒ and then she shut up so I could special request my order. Of course the kicker was when I got to the window they had no more grilled chicken ready and I would have to wait 10 minutes. Time being a premium I had to switch my order. The unfairness of it all!

Itís hotter than snot out. And thatís saying something.

I spent my long weekend doing much of nothing and watching many incomplete episodes of Sex and the City. Very annoying. All the dvdís that Keith copied for me are flawed. Not one of them has all the episodes all the way through. I guess thatís what you get for trying to save some dough. Iím tempted to actually go out and buy the damn things legitimately. I enjoy watching them over and over so itís not like Iíd watch them once and never again. Of course, at the moment I have a few other pressing things to spend my money on.

Of course that would be if I actually had money. Yah Iím still in limbo land with my new bank. I have an appointment with my bank rep on Wednesday to go over what sheís to do with my rrsp money and man am I going to give her an earful!

I have had over 54 people at reception today. I know that doesnít mean anything to anyone reading this but trust me, itís big. So much for my relaxing week at reception doing wedding planning! Letís cross our fingers for tomorrow shall we?

I just put in a vacation request for the end of August. Today kind of cinched the deal for me. I had been debating whether to take that time off but then I decided what the hell I could use a week away from this place. Technically 10 days cause of the weekends and it falls on the long weekend in September. Of course my boss has yet to reply to my request so I better not do the happy dance just yet. Sheís been pissy with us for weeks now so I no Iím not expecting a yes answer as I normally do.

Besides watching tons of tv Keith and I made it to the drive in. We missed a bit of Mr and Mrs Smith which I didnít feel that bad about. I was there more for Wedding Crashers. It was a good movie but man we were so far back Ė second last row Ė that it was hard to see at times. We definitely gotta rent it when it comes out on video. But I did see my official first falling star! And the cool thing was Keith saw it too! He saw another one but I was kind of sleepy at that point so I think I may have nodded off.

We didnít get home till almost 3am.

On Saturday I had one of the worst days ever. It was one of those days were tiny things keep going wrong Ė you trip over the sidewalk, you misstep and loose your shoe, your seat belt gets caught in the door Ė those kind of things. But man they just kept happening and I wanted to scream! The best part was I saw these sandals that were everything I was looking for in a sandalÖin the clearance section none the less. I tried it on and they were a smidgen too small. No big deal. The clearance price wasnít that great so Iíd just buy them regular price in my own size. No dice. They had no more sandals in that style AT ALL. They even called the other stores and nothing. Man I was pissed. Every time I passed a shoe store Iíd go in and look for these sandals Ė I wrote down the brand name Ė and still nothing! Iím guessing it wasnít meant to be.

This weekend Iím heading home to visit the parents. Itís my dadís birthday. And Iím supposed to try on my wedding gown. Huge gulp.

Well me and my butter stained t-shirt are out of here (at lunch I had a bake potato instead of fries Ė see what I get for trying to be good for a change!).

4:38 p.m. - 2005-08-02


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